Token and Medal Auction 57

Closing Date July 25, 2003


City and State Commemoratives, Trade Checks, Topical Offerings, including Coal, Foreign, Indian Traders, Military, and Transportation Tokens and Quantity Lots.

For commemorative issues, conditions are generally extremely fine to uncirculated (the majority are B.U.) and happily collectible. Other tokens in the sale are typically circulated. All items in the sale which are significantly compromised will be so noted.

Bidding Guidelines

1. This is a mail bid auction of tokens, with a closing date of July 25, 2003. Bids must be received by 6PM E.S.T., July 25, 2003.

2. Cunningham Exonumia will enter your bids in this auction at no charge.

3. Phone bids will be accepted from July 21 to July 24 from 1PM to 9PM E.S.T. and from 10 AM to 6PM E.S.T. July 25. No bids will be revealed before the sale is closed (6PM ).

4. For mail bids, please list bids in chronological order on one side of an 8 1/2x11 inch paper. Send to Paul Cunningham, Box 1, Tecumseh, MI 49286. For email, send bids to Bids will be confirmed on request.

5. There will be a minimum bid of $l for each lot, unless otherwise noted. No bids under $50 will be reduced. Bids over $50 will be reduced wherever possible, but in no event over 50%. No "buy" bids will be accepted.

6. Winning bidders will be billed for lots won, plus the actual postage/insurance costs, plus tax for Michigan residents. (Those holding current Michigan resale licenses may send the appropriate number when billed.) There are no handling/ lotting/packaging fees. Invoices are to be paid and returned within one week of receipt.

7. All lots which are materially misrepresented may be returned, with explanation, within five days of receipt. All lots are guaranteed to be genuine and as described, except for a few lots which may be described as being otherwise.

8. Questions regarding any lots may be addressed by phone from 4PM to 9PM, E.S.T., any day.

9. Prices Realized are available for non-subscribers for $2.

10. Check your bids carefully before tendering same. Good luck!


Dollar Size City, State and Miscellaneous Commemoratives


657. Aberdeen, 11th Ann. Grays Harbor Coin Show, 1972/ Good for 25c at any table; wh. on black plastic.

658. As last, same but wh. on green.

659. As last, same but wh. on red.

660. As last, 12th Ann. Show, oblong shape with hole; black on white plastic.

661. As last, white on green.

662. As last, 15th Ann. Show, Bicentennial year, 1976/ Good for 25c in trade at any bourse table; black on white plastic.

663. As last, white on blue.

664. Aberdeen-Hoquiam, Grays Harbor Coin Club, Famous for its Olympic Mountains etc./ The most western coin club. Good for one dollar at club auction, BR.

665. As last, two duplicates.

666. (Aberdeen) legend similar to last, in 16-sided design/ Washington Salutes American Revolution Bicent, 1976, fish pictured; BZ gilt.

667. Aberdeen, Diamond jubilee, 1963, 8 panels in wheel spoke/ Logging Manu. Fishing etc., men sawing tree, souvenir dollar; Ni.

668. Everett, Everett Coin Club, several views including a largeship and tail of large airplane/ A seed that grew, bird, tree, and fish, 1972; red BZ gilt

669. Federal Way, We have a new lodge bldg, The Elks Lodge 2431, ctst 0000, etc./ standard Elks logo, no date, gilt.

670. Grand Coulee Dam, pictured, Washington, "Recreation Unlimited"/ World's largest hydro-electric power plant, etc.; bright

671. Long Branch, 1880-1980, locomotive at depot/ World's longest beach, on sign over beach scene; ant. Ni.

672. Olympia, Georgia Pacific 1961 1986, GP logo/ 25th Ann.; ant. BZ, loop.

673. Pasco, Pacific Northwest Numis. Assn., 36th Ann. Conv., 1981, map/ "Energy capitol of the world," nuclear atom pictured; Pasco Kennewick Richland; ant. silver, marked #003!

674. Port Angeles, Centennial souvenir money (!), sportsman's paradise, fisherman fighting large fish/ Good for $1 in trade, 1962; gilt.

675. Seattle, FPTE, 45th Biennial International Conv., globe, 1982/ ray design; gilt.

676. Seattle Worlds Fair, Century 21 Expo., monorail featured/ 1962, globe and arrow; gilt, holed as made, some staining.

677. Seattle, similar, America's Space Age Worlds Fair/ Good for one dollar, etc.; gilt.

678. As last, a duplicate.

679. As last, BZ gilt, used.

680. Seattle, Pacific NW Numis. Assn., bird and shore-mt scene/ 19th Ann. Conv., 1962, Century 21 Worlds Fair: bright Ni.

681. Seattle, as last, 22nd, 1965, Fun in the sun.

682. As last, 26th Ann. Conv., 1970.

683. As last, a duplicate.

684. Washington Wheelchair Games, "chair" logo/ blank; pierced as made, ant. BZ.

685. As last, a duplicate.

686. Washington State Wheelchair Athletic Assoc., WSWAA, "chair" logo/ blank; pierced as made, ant. BZ.

687. Spokane, teepees and bidgs, mountain scene/ Inland Empire Coin Club, bridges and bidgs; red BZ.

688. Spokane, Inland Empire Zoological Soc., Walk mt goat, eagle and couger, BR gilt.

689. Spokane Falls, Come to the World's Fair, 1974, James Glover The father of Spokane/ 100th Ann., oxen and wagon; AL.

690. As last, a duplicate.

691. Stanwood, Coin Club, 1961-1971, flag on map/ leaping salmon, trees and mts; ant. BZ.

692. Tacoma Centennial, Tacoma Dome pictured 1884-1984/ TACOM and Kaiser logo; AL.

693. Walla Walla Centennial, 1859 1959, scenes/ 50c centennial buck, special issue; BZ, stains rev.

694. Whitman Sesqui., Waiilatpu Walla Walla, pioneer family, 1986/ Walla Walla, Wagon Wheelers, Good for $1.50 in trade, wagon wheel; bright Ni.

695. Winthrop, The Eastern Gateway to the North Cascades, scene/ North Cascades hwy. Opened 1972, Liberty Bell Mtn., pictured; ant. BZ.



696. Fayetteville, Centennial, 1963, miner and mule/ three panels, including the longest steel arch bridge; gilt.

697. Wheeling, Bicentennial, City of Wheeling, 1769 1969, bidgs/ Wheeling 200th Ann. of the Friendly City, West Virginia; ant. BZ, several light spots rev.



698. Green Bay, Allouez, Scott, Kellogg (incuse) Citizens National Bank, A Century of Service/ 1874-1974, bank bldg pictured; gilt.

699. Green Bay, Nicolet Coin Club, Gateway to the Great Waterway, ship pictured, 1965/ Numismatists of Wisconsin, large rat (badger?) on state map; gilt.

700. lola, Numismatic News, 30th Ann., eagle. 1982, Good for $2 savings/ Lincoln bust. Memorial, Purpose, Principle, Judgement; AL.

701. Kenosha, Waybridge House, bridge pictured/ The Waybridge Philosophy, "We are responsible for ourselves."

702. LaCrosse-Coin Club, 1966, Indian chief pictured/ Numis. of Wisc. rev. as #699; BR.

703. Lake Geneva, Americana Lake Geneva Resort/ The Magic of Tomorrow, Robert lan, large seeing eye triangle; "rounded" SQ shape; gilt, pierced at top.

704. Madison Coin Club, picture of Capital, 1932 1964; Numis. of Wisc. stock rev.; BR, gilt.

705. Madison, Wisconsin State Capital, bidg pictured, Capitol Medals 1964; Arms of Wisc., pictured; high relief, antiqued.

706. Milwaukee World Festival, Summerfest, globe pictured; A Salute to the United States, Old Glory, flag pictured, 1968; light BZ.

707. Milwaukee, TAMS 26th Convention, 1986, City Hall, pictured/ TAMS stock "medal strikers" rev.; bright AL.

708. Milwaukee, Grand Nest Conv., 75th, 1906-1981/ Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International, goose in flight; dark antique BZ.

709. Milwaukee, C.S.N.S. 20th Conv. Milw. Numis. Soc. Host/ stock Central States Numis. Soc. rev., 1962 across map of state; BR gilt.

710. Milw. Numis. Soc., 1967, Milw. city crest, Numis. Soc. stock rev.; BR gilt.

711. Peshtigo, Centennial 1871 1971, hands and flame design/ Peshtigo The city reborn from the ashes, etc.; BZ antiqued.

712. Racine, Numis. Soc. 1938-1968, Racine-Belle of the Lakes, gears pictured/ Numis. of Wisc. stock rev.; BR gilt.

713. Milwaukee, 7 Mile Fair, on map of Wisc./ 7 Mile Fair, lion and ram pictured. Dedicated to honesty-integrity and opportunity for all; ant. BZ.

714. Stoughton, Commemorating the Signing of the Norwegian Constitution, 1814, bldg where constitution of 1814 signed/ 1982, fountain pictured; ant. BZ.

715. Duluth, Minn-Superior, Wis., Vacation cities of the North, large ore carrier pictured/ Excursion Vacht "Vista Queen" pictured, Duluth-Superior Excursions; ant. BZ.

716. Waukesha Coin Club, 1953 1974, Promoting Numismatics, etc., book, scale and Indian pictured, Numis. of Wisc.

717. As last, two duplicates.

718. Wausau, 16th Aim. Wisc. School Music Festival, 1935/Wausau Wisc. welcomes you, visit Rib Mt. State Park; AL.

719. Wisconsin, Commemorating National '74 The Bluegrass Championship, First Federal Blue Stars Defending National Champions, band member pictured/ Junior Drum & Bugle Corps, shield in wreath; ant. BZ.

720. As last, a duplicate.

721. As last, two duplicates.

722. Wisconsin Forward, badger, bird and tree on map/ Muskellunge, pictured, America's dairyland, state bird, etc.; well reliefed, ant. BZ.


723. Cody, The year of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, 1969, bldg pictured/ Colonel William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody, bust, 1846-1917; BZ gilt.

724. Cody, 1967 Ceremonial, honoring Past Potentate Milward Simpson, Kefar, Cody Shrine Club/ Kalif Temple 60th year, etc.; BR gilt.

725. Greybull, Redeemable in trade, Rockhound's Paradise, 1968, First National Bank/ Greybull's 60th year, bison pictured, one dollar days of "49," gilt.

726. National Parks Centennial, 1872 1972, Old Faithful pictured/ Parks man and his environment, a second century; globe, bison, park scene; BZ, well reliefed.


727. National Rural Electric Cooperative Assn., Open House 1979/ large bldg pictured; gilt.

728. Smithsonian Science Information Exchange, Science, knowledge, key pictured/ First Edition, bldg. Science Research in Progress, 1972, Published by Academic Media; ant. BZ.


729. Guam U.S.A. Where America's Day Begins, rising beach; this is a common obverse for all of these Guammian commemorative medallions/ The Organic Act 1950, blindfolded Justice, Of the people, etc.. Elective Governor 1970; ant. BZ finish; minimum bid $5 for each Guammian piece.

730. As last, a duplicate.

731. As last, another duplicate.

732. As last, the Organic medal, in bright gilt.

733. As last, a duplicate.

734. As last, another duplicate.

735. As last, in antique nickel finish.

736. As last, a duplicate.

737. As last, the piece in 925 silver.

738. As last, a duplicate.

739. 300th Ann. Agana Cathedral First Mission on Guam, 1668 1968, bidg pictured; ant. BZ.

740. As last, a duplicate.

741. As last, bright brass finish.

742. As last, a duplicate.

743. As last, bright nickel finish.

744. As last, a duplicate.

745. Landing of Magellan's Ships, 1521 1971, Iship, several trees, hut, mountain pictured; ant. BZ.

746. As last, bright gilt.

747. As last, ant. nickel.

748. As last, 925 silver; note these four Magellan pieces are all CTST 53, a set!

749. The Guam Museum, bldgs pictured, 1932-1972, Forty years of History; ant. BZ.

750. As last, bright gilt.

751. As last, ant. nickel.

752. As last, unmarked silver; this set of four is also CTST 53.

753. 25th Ann. Liberation of Guam, 1944 1969. American flag and helmut over map of Guam; ant. BZ.

754. As last, bright gilt.

755. As last, bright nickel.

756. As last, 925 silver.


757. Puerto Rico, Isia del Encanto, lamb pictured with pennant/ Ejempio de Democracia en America, 450 An. 1521 1971, San Juan, Visitenos, map; bright AL.


758. Alberta, Calgary Stampede, 1963, man on bronco/ Souvenir dollar, $1, etc.; brass.

759. Canada Centennial, obv. similar to last, 1967, man on horse/ Souvenir, steerhead, Calgary the Spampede City; thick, bright gilt.

760. Alberta, Calgary, Husky Tower, 626 feet, pictured, in city skyline/ Suppliers, Architects, Builders, etc., Completed 1968; red BZ gilt.

761. Alberta, Wildwood, Sponsored by Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks, deer pictured, scenery/ Coins, Coin World, Coinage, etc., Wildwood Elks Lodge dedicates this coin to...coin publications, 1985, red BZ.

762. British Columbia, Creston Valley Blossom Festival, 1871 1971, design/ One dollar, 1971, One Centennial Blossom Dollar, ant. BZ.

763. BC, Dawson Creek, Centennial Coin, Mile marker "0" of Alaska hiway pictured/ Peace River Power Project, dam pictured, Canada Centennial 1867-1967; gilt.

764. BC, Lillooet, Ma's Lucky Two Dollar Nugget, Margaret Muray, bust/ Gateways to the Gold Fields, The "Red" bridge pictured Lillooet Lions, 1981, bright nickel.

765. BC, Nanaimo, Bathtub Capital of the Wild, two characters in bathtub, 1969/ One dollar, 3rd Ann. Bathtub Race, 1969, gilt.

766. BC, Vancouver, Sea Festival, whale pictured, 1978, large anchor pictured; nickel.

767. BC, Vancouver, CNA, 18th Ann. Conv., 1971, two discs pictured/ B.C. Confederation, 1871 1971, discs picturing Canada crest and province crest, ant. red BZ.

768. BC, Vernon, Year round vacation land, scenes around points of star/ one silver star dollar, 1968, etc. gilt.

769. BC, Victoria, Centennial, 1861 1962, Bastian of Ft. Victoria, pictured/ Centennial dollar, etc., ant. BZ.

770. In honour of B.C.'s Centenary, 100, 1966/ In honour of the Cent. of Canadian Confederation, 1967, maple leaf; gilt.

771. British Columbia Sung Dollar, Chinese cart with horse, 1977-1978/ Sung Dynasty, Goddess of Mercy, pictured; nickel.

772. As last, similar. Tang Dollar, Happiness, bearded figure pictured/ Tang Dynasty Horse, pictured; nickel.

773. As last, similar. Yuan Dollar, pagoda pictured, Yuan Dynasty, flowers and bushes pictured; nickel.

774. BC, Centenary of Confederation with Canada, 1971, design/ Canada July 20, 1871, map; ant. BZ.

775. Manitoba, Winnepeg, Canadian Mint, bldg pictured/ Ottawa, Royal Canadian Mint, bldg pictured; red BZ.

776. Manitoba 1870-1970, crest picturing bison/ Canada Commemorative, flowers; bright AL.

777. N.W.T., Inuvik, Lions Club, crest, one trade dollar, 1974/ Inuvik Delta Daze, eskimoes and sled, oil rig, map; nickel.

778. (Ont.) Sudbury & District Chamber of Commerce, 1980, the Year of the Family, figures pictured, two dollar trade token/ Regional Municipality of Sudbury, woodburning choo-choo pictured. C.P.R., discovery of ore, 1883; bright gilt

779. (Ont.) Toronto's New City Hall, pictured/ Souvenir of the Toronto Coin Club 1969, AL.

780. Minted by the Ontario Government to Commemorate the role of mining in the development of Canada, containing platinum gold silver nickel copper zinc iron mined in Ontario, miner pictured/ Confederation Canada 1867 1967, crest; gilt brass.

781. As last, coin in bright nickel.

782. PQ, Montreal, Universal and International Exposition, "holographic" like cratered surface pictured/ Man and His World, figure pictured; dark ant. BZ.

783. P.Q. Sainte Foy, Jerome Remick, Numismate et Geologue, coin and geology topics/ Meilleurs Voeux 1987, Merry Christmas, tree with stars pictured; appears to be gold plated.

784. P.Q., Epicure J.A. Moisan, Rue de St. Jean, bidg pictured, valeur de ecuau magasin/ sit nomen Domini benedictum 1985, crest, nickel.

785. Sask., Western Development Museum, old steam thresher pictured, die heavily cracked/ Saskatoon Boomtown 1910 Main Street, 1910 roadster pictured, nickel.

786. Honoring 60 years of Numismatic Excellence, Canada, mint pictured?/ Canada commemorative dollars 1908 1968, several coins pictured, bright nickel.

787. Lester B. Pearson Prime Minister of Canada, bust left/ Canada's own flag, pictured, with red and white cloissone treatment; thick, high relief red ant. BZ.

788. Niagara Falls, General View, falls pictured/ Rainbow Bridge and American Falls, pictured; bright gilt, OCTA, loop.


789. North Shore Animal League, Official member, cat pictured as postal stamp/ rev. similar, dog in stamp, AL.

790. Similar, dog pictured, saving dogs for 37 years/ rev. similar, cat, saving cats...; AL, 2 pcs.

791. Similar: God created man and woman and gave them dog as friend, dog pictured/ similar, cat; five pieces in AL, one anodized gold.

792. As last, one piece in gilt, some spots.

793. Dinosaur coin: Pelycosaurs, pictured/ When the world was young, dino., tree; AL.

794. World's first known white gorilla found in Africa, He has white fur, etc./Little Snowflake, gorilla pictured, 1967; gilt.


795. Colonial Buick 1947 1967, crest, Twentieth Ann./ Ask for Buick by its first name, character, Colonial Buick; gold anod. AL.

796. Yesterday today and tomorrow, Chevrolet, logo, the symbol of quality/ Thank you America for 50 years of confidance; gilt, pierced for hanging, rounded square shape.

797. Save Money SM monogram Chevrolet/ Svanda Motors, Chev. logo, Mount Vernon; bright nickel.

798. As last, a duplicate.

799. As last, another duplicate.

800. Chrysler Motors Safety Body Steel Weld Briggs Mfg. Co.; uniface, steel, incused; pin removed from rev.

801. Farm Service Products (all incused) Quality/ Good for 1.00 until July 1, 1959 on one Silver Colbalt "Locked in power" Farm Service 2 or 3 yr storage battery, Ni.

802. First Chicago built Ford Model T 1914, pictured/ Five millionth Chicago built Ford, Galaxie 500 1972, pictured; ant. BZ.

803. For use only at Gasamat, one buck mdse. token/ Right reserved to continue use, "coin-head" figure, BZ.

804. Great Southeastern Rod Run 1982, 1930s sedan pictured; uniface, bright gilt.

805. Rambler American classic Ambassador the sensible spectaculars/ Rambler extra value features make your Rambler dollar a bigger dollar; AL, oversized.

806. As last, a duplicate.


807. Collins, Rockwell Inter., 50 Years of Collins and Leadership, globe, 1937 large 50 on globe; ant. BZ.

808. Collins Avionics, Gen. Aviation Div. Product Support/ Oriental Exchange 24 hour service, etc.; gilt, RECT; unholed key tag.

809. Federal Aviation Admin., wing and cross on globe, 1972/ The Guiding Hands of the Aviation World, arrows; ant. BZ.

810. North Central Airlines, 1973, Silver Anniversary, goose design/ North Central Airlines, jet. Silver Ann.; bright Ni.


811. Financial Development Services, FDSI/ Stanley L. Martin Sr. Vice. Pres. "Your competitive edge;" gilt BR.

812. First Fidelity Bank, logo and wreath/ same; AL.

813. First National Bank of Lincolnwood, 25th Ann. 1980/ 1st Natl. ..., bldg pictured; ant. BZ.

814. First Security Bank, Certified Sales Professional, CSP/ blank rev.; bright gilt.

815. The Giant American Savings, founded 1885 Assets over 2 1/4 billion dollars/ rough copy of $20 gold piece? BZ gilt.

816. Mid-State Bank, 1961 to 1986, logo/ 25th ann.; unholed loop, ant NI.

817. Farmers & Merchants State Bank, Plankinton White Lake, 1910-1980/ 70th Ann. Party, music by Myron Floren; loop, ant. BZ.

818. Ruston State Bank, logo/ Ruston State Bank, bldg. Grand opening 1979; ant. BZ.


819. Addison Mills, on old bldg, 1834-1984/ 150 years and still growing; ant. BZ.

820. Airstream Founder and World Traveler, Wally Byam, bust/ 1776-1976 Celebrate the Amer. Bicent., etc.; AL.

821. The American Rose, pictured, A rose for every home and a bush for every garden/ uniface, ant. BZ. An award?

822. Brown Company 1972, You win when you think safety, busts of 9 men center/ winged design; gilt, several dark spots.

823. Coin World 1960-2000, 40 years, globe/ Enriching coin collecting through knowledge. World's leading numismatic weekly; AL.

824. Profit design for '69 by David Douglas/ intricate scrolly design; gilt.

825. Dworshak Dam & Powerhouse Constructors, 2nd million man-hours accident free/ North Fork Dworshak Dam and Powerhouse Aug.-71 Clearwater River; gilt.

826. Hoffinan House Restaurants, Nine Hoffinan Brothers, busts of all 9, Value one dollar 25th ann. in cocktail lounge; bright Ni.

827. Imperial House Motels, lions design. Where every guest is king/ Imperial House Dollar, lions design, $1.00 value; bright Ni.

828. Indesco, with "swoosh" design/ 10th ann.; loop, ant. BZ.

829. International Metallographic Exhibit, design/ radiant design; gilt.

830. N(and eagle) design, (National Insurance?) Billion dollar. Life Insurance Drive, 1981/ Dean Jeffers '81, incused bust; ant. BZ.

831. McAllister Trading Co., Established 1962, Max, Serial no. 0000/ uniface, ant. BZ.

832. McDonald's Next Time Dime 10c worth 10c towards next purchase etc.; through 1982; bright AL.

833. Merrill Publishing Co., Quality, pride. Tradition since 1842/ Merrill Mathematics USE Math Power, eagle; unholed loop, ant. BZ.

834. Neely Enterprise 25th Ann. 1958/ Electronic Manufacturers Representative; loop, NI.

835. Olinde's Grand Opening Celebration April 1986/ Olinde's, in oval; bright AL.

836. Reader's Digest, eagle, $100,000 lucky sweepstakes; similar rev.; gold-anodized AL.

837. Slippery Gulch, good as gold 10.000 bucks/ Turn em out wild, Slippery Gulch; AL.

838. F.W. Woolworth Co. 100th Ann., bidg, 1979/ Frank Winfield Woolworth the First Variety Store, man in store; BZ.


839. Club Cal Neva Saloon, dancing Indian/ Good for one drink at a casino bar; red plastic.

840. Coin Castle $ Free play; blank; red on yellow plastic chip.

841. Gold Dust, Reno, 1 dollar slot token; 1979, Ni, XF.

842. Harrah's, Reno and Lake Tahoe, H mintmark; Ni, AU, 1 dollar slot token.

843. Horseshoe, Reno, $1, blue chip, hotstamped, used.

844. Japan Pavilion Showa Pearl of Nevada/ Las Vegas Nevada; bright AL.

845. Little Caesar's Casino, Las Vegas, cartoon figure/ similar, $ lucky ducat; AL.

846. Maxim Las Vegas, crown/ Gratuity not included Good for one drink at our bar; gold on brown plastic.

847. MGM Grand, Reno, 1 dollar slot token; 1979, Franklin Mint, Ni, AU.

848. EL Morocco Casino, Las Vegas, Token for free slot play/ Play this token win $l.oo to $1000; ant. BZ.

849. Nevada Club, Laughlin, Token for free slot play, no cash value/ Token for free slot play, cartoon character; AL.

850. Carson City Nugget, 1 dollar slot token; strike it rich, miner pictured; gilt, AU.

851. Primadonna, Reno, showgirl pictured/ U.S. Bicentennial, 36th state, 1976; BR, used.

852. Red Garter Casino, Las Vegas, Token for free slot play only/ Play this token, win cash jackpots, AL.

853. Sahara Tahoe, outline of lake/ Redeemable only at Sahara Tahoe, dice, cards, roulette; BZ, all incused, dollar size.

854. Sands, Atlantic City, 1982, Hotel & Casino, bldg/ One dollar, slot token, Ni, used.

855. Silver City Casino (Las Vegas), One dollar value/ Free play only, AL.

856. Sundowner, Hotel Casino, cowboy pictured/ Reno, Nevada, $1 value, AL.

857. Warehouse Markets, Reno, Token for free slot play/ same rev., AL; Yes! Grocery stores, bars, drugstores and other non-casino locations had slot machines!

858. Webster Chicago Corporation/ Patent applied for; zinc metal insert for token, center hole, 4 tabs.

859. Westward Ho, Las Vegas, Token for free slot play/ Play this token, 100 in play, AL.

860. Fun Nite No Value 1, white, and 5, red; two generic clay chips for practice, preopening night.


861. Busti Sesqui. 1978, map/ Holland Land Co., bust of agent Paul Busti; bright AL.

862. As last, a duplicate.

863. Cashton's 100th birthday, 1979/ 100th Ann., oxen and wagon, ant. BZ.

864. Gerrish Township Centennial, sailboat on lake/ 100th Ann., 1980, load of logs on old "log" trailer, ant. BZ.

865. Maranatha High School, alpha and omega letters, 1965, Revelation 1:8/ Christian Education for Leadership, minuteman pictured; sterling (Louisiana?).

866. Osceola County Centennial, 1872-1972, horses and plow, tractor/ Celebrating 100 years of Growth in Service to our people, Osceola Co. Estab. 1872, bidg pictured; BZ gilt.

867. Stratford Historical Society 1977, fork in river/ Yegors' Cemetary Estab. 1847, grave marker and trees; ant. BZ.

868. As last, dated 1984/ Rev. John Linn 1826-1907, bust; bright gilt.

869. As last, 1985/ rev. pictures large oak (?) tree; ant. BR.


870. Children are diamonds, Gillette Hostipal 75th Ann., child in design/ Gillette Children's Hosp. 1st State supported hosp for treatment and research of unique pediatric ortho. disorders, etc. 1972; ant. BZ.

871. 20 Years of Helping, Lend-A-Hand Thanks to you/ boy selling newspapers; bright gilt.

872. As last, ant. BZ.

873. Pleasant View Luther Home, modern bldg pictured. Reaching out to help senior citizens into the 80's/ text of Matt. 25:40; ant. BZ, tiny clip at edge.

874. Palouse Lions $1, same rev.; bright AL.

875. Pals Forever, boy and man canoeing, mts in background; rev. blank, ant. Ni.

876. Saint Anthony's Harrier Club, blank rev. as for award medal; fancy harp in winged wreath, high relief; ant. BR.


877. Good for all night reverse, 5 different, smaller pieces, BR.

878. Similar to last. All night $3 check reverses, 4 diff.

879. Hungrey Eye, Southern Belle, Red Dog Saloon, etc.; 7 diff., larger, "saloon."

880. As last, 11 diff. larger brass pieces, 5 extras, total of 16 "tokens." Remember these are all obnoxious, revolting, fantasy concoctions.


881. David Crockett Steam Fire Co. No. 1, Oldest Continuous active volunteer fire company in the U.S., early steam fire apparatus pictured/ Wm. J. White, bust left, 128th Ann. of fire co.; yellow anod. AL.

882. As last, bright AL.

883. Obv. as last/ Reuben B. Hock, man in helmut. Chief 1928-1953, 126th Ann., bright AL.


884. Winlock F & M, 100th, Abou Ben Adheim, 75th, Morocco Temple and Slem Elks 336, 75th; 4 pcs.


885. Prescott Iowa Cent. and Roanoke VA Electric Zupply; 2 pcs.


886. Two uniface with U.S.P.S. logo, third with same logo and Bringing the World to America’s Doorstep; 3 pcs, BZ.


887. Greenpeace dollars, harp seals and whales, and Earth First, one dollar; 3 pcs.


888. UN logo one side, peace dove rev.; and 2nd stylized rev., 1971; first prooflike, BZ; 3rd for 20th ann., high relief and fourth: man and woman sculpture, nicked up; 4 pcs.


889. Administrative Concepts Inc. and National Old Line Ins., 50mm; 2 pcs.


890. Lot of six assorted: Natl. Assn. Retired Fed. Employees, United Trans. Union, AFL-CIO, Employees Assn., Inc., Bullwinkle Const. and ALCOA (AL); 4 in BZ.


891. International Numis., two picturing global maps, two from general chairmen, in lead or pewter; 4 pcs.


892. Samples from Lombardo, Columbus, Serge Huard, Sanctus Eligius and American Coin Club (First Sec. of Treas.); 6 pcs.


893. U.S. Treasury Award, minuteman pictured/ Patriotic Service, WWII, flagraising at Iwo Jimo, silver, Fine.

894. Commemorating J.F.K., Freedom/Victory, Liberty Bell and American Veteran.

895. American Revolution Bicent., Adams and Henry pictured/ horseman, silver.

896. As last a duplicate.

897. Adams/ First Continental Congress, silver.

898. As last a duplicate.


899. Ed & Marie Mense, Golden Wedding Ann., 1978, BZ.


900. Cont. Congress copy, two scout oath and the first class symbol; 4 pcs.


901. Project Mercury, sigma 7, Shirra, Ni.

902. As last, Project Gemini, Collins and Young.

903. As last, Apollo 7, Schirra, Eisele and Cunningham

904. As last, Apollo 8, Borman, Lovell and Anders.

905. Americans to the Moon, Apollo 9 to 12, Ni.

906. Project Apollo, Apollo 10, Stafford, Young and Cernan.

907. Apollo 11, three different.

908. Apollo 12, "Tempo," 100 gold, basemetal.

909. Apollo 12/ Yankee Clipper and Apollo 12/ Surveyer 3 (2); 3 pcs.

910. Apollo 13, ship and helo; plated BZ.

911. Apollo 13 (AL) and Expo 70 (BZ), 2 pcs.


912. Tenth Pan American Games, 1987, Indianapolis, BZ.

913. Football: Rutgers and Princeton, first game, BZ (2) and U. of Texas 1968 schedule (AL).

914. Award medal: engraved Lensbury Swimming Gala, Team Race, 1923; BZ, AU, nicely reliefed.

915. YMCA, four medals, three with logo, all uniface, Swim League, and Powell Crosley YMCA.

916. World Series, Jesse Owens Games, 1972 Winter Olympics and G. Washington Fish- Camp Club, 4 pcs.


917. Lot of 14 different, all BU, all but two BZ, 1964 to 1992.

918. Six different including two personals with TAMS rev., 1988 to 1992.


919. A.V.A. 10 year award, 25th ann. and AVA in Carson City (plastic).

920. Misc: steamboat, choo-choo, cattle trail, Kawasaki and United Trans. Union.


921. Lot of normally ignorable misc. pieces except for a cute piece of eight replica, a dollar sized Ken Hallenbeck CTST, a Mexican "eye" medal and an engraved award medal from Croydon & District Master Bakers Assn., 1932; 17 pcs.


922. AL, Hamilton, Montgomery and state (Public Safety, aluminum), 3 pcs.

923. AL, Mobile, 2 diff. 250th ann.

924. AL, Montgomery (2) and Muscle Shoals, all with Confederate half dollar rev.

925. AL, Sayre, Republic Steel, 5c, Ni (small).

926. AK, Anchorage, Chick-N-Burger, and Seward, Post 5, two tokens, AL.

927. AZ, Phoenix, 75th, and Grand Canyon Natl. Park, 50th, high relief.

928. AZ, Prescott, centennial, copper.

929. AZ Terr. Cent. (2) and Powell Expedition, 100th, nice relief.

930. AZ, Prescott Frontier Days, 1977, London bridge, 1971 and AZ Mining Assn., small.

931. AZ, Cave Creek, Rudy’s (2) and Phoenix, Marshal’s, 3 tokens.

932. AR, Fort Smith sesqui, Brinkley cent. and Fayetteville, coin and stamp, personal.

933. AR, Eureka Springs, Glade’s, 2 tokens.

934. CA, San Francisco, Columbia golden jubilee, two one dollar tokens.

935. CA, Escondido, 75th (AL) and Long Beach, 75th.

936. CA, Newell, 100th (2) and Redwood City, Collie’s Appliance, 3 pcs.

937. CA, Bicent., Portolo Expe., contains copper left by early explorers! (4) and San Diego 200th., 5 pcs.

938. CA, San Francisco, Trans-Bay Tube, Last Section, 3pcs, one lousy!

939. CA, Auburn, Idyllwild (3 diff.), Paradise (2), Nevada Co., Vacaville and Point Loma, 9 diff. celebrations.

940. CA, San Francisco, Golden Gate Expo, 5 pcs, three AL.

941. CA, coin show and assn. tokens, 11 diff.

942. CA, Chinese Camp, Wheatland, Rosamond and Yuba Co.: five diff. Feisel made tokens.

943. CA, coin and collectible dealers, 24 pcs, some duplication, one plastic.

944. CA, misc. good luck and souvenirs, 9 pcs, 3 dupes.

945. CA, Beale AFB, 5c and 25c, plastic.

946. CA, Stockton and San Francisco, 3 pcs, machine tokens.

947. CA, Redding, Golden Eagle Cigar Store, 5 cents, Ni, 2 pcs.

948. (CA) San Francisco, S & S Smoke Shop, 5c, BR.

949. CA, Visalia, I. Shiffert Cigars & Tobaccos, 5c, BR.

950. CA, car wash, video, plastic, bar, transit, 9 diff. plus a dupe.

951. CO, Meeker, 100 yrs, and state cent., man on horse, copper.

952. CO, 9 diff., one dupe, good luck, souvenirs, good fors.

953. CT, 7 from state, including Bridgeport church, 75th, and four Veeders.

954. DE, New Castle, Lodge 1578 L.O.O.M., 25th Ann.

955. FL, 10 diff., including a bank, St. Petersburg wax museum, Ft. Pierce 125th, a Coral Gables city commissioner and a small coin club token, 2 AL.

956. GA, three diff. AL pieces.

957. GA, Royston, 100th and Houston Co., sesqui.

958. HI, three "Hapa Haneri" copies, two the same.

959. ID, a Franklin Mint state coin and Mountain Home, First Natl. Bank.

960. ID, Boy Scout World Jamboree, 1967 and 1969 Natl. Jamboree (probable copy).

961. ID, Boise, Bouquet Cigar Store, 3 distinct 5c varieties, AL.

962. ID, Stateline (modern), Cataldo, Shoshone Log Motel (2) and Weiser, Nugget, two diff.).

963. IL, Fox Lake, Jubilee.

964. (IL) Effingham Equity, 60th, BZ.

965. IL, Evergreen Park and Franklin Park, both 75th.

966. IL, centennials from New Athens, Galena, East St. Louis, Ashton, Marion, Hyde Park-Kenwood, Streator, Evanston and Seneca, 9 diff.

967. IL, sesqui’s from Geneva, Keithsburg, Durand and Carlyle.

968. IL, Greenville and Shawneetown, 125 yrs.

969. IL, Chicago, W.W. Walter & Co., titles guaranteed, etc., BZ.

970. IL, CSNA, TAMS and coin clubs: 14 pcs, some dupes.

971. IL, keytags, El Hajj caravan, misc., 8 diff.

972. IL, Chicago, Victory Lodge 1019 and Keystone lodge 63 masonic penny, XF.

973. IL, Chicago, lot of 22 mostly all good fors, 2 dupes; nice lot, more than half not known to the auctioneer!

974. IL, lot of 12 tokens out-state, 1 dupe; 1920-1960 date range, includes two diff. Reano & Vacketta, Westville, and mostly other attractive examples; all good fors but one.

975. IL, plastics from Atkinson, Cambridge, Orangeville and Westville.

976. IN, Ft. Wayne, Fankhouser, 2 diff. good luck, neither of which is encased.

977. IN, Fowler centennial, Evansville coin club, Civil War centennial, and Terre Haute Savings Bank, 100th.

978. IN, sesqui’s from Terre Haute, Washington and Marion.

979. IN, IN Bowling Proprietors Assn, Anthony Wayne Bank (Ft. Wayne), Vincennes (cathedral) and a toss in, 4 pcs.

980. Lot of 5 good fors: Bluffton (Main Cigar Store), Terre Haute, Anderson and Peru, Happy Corner S & B (5c and 25c).

981. IA, Keota, Farmers Savings, 90 yrs and Davenport, Fair, 50 yrs.

982. IA, West Des Moines, Jubilee half dollar.

983. IA, centennials from Amber, Ames, Boone, Cedar Lake, Creston (2), Donnan, Duncombe, Durant and Hampton.

984. IA, another 10 centennials: Harlan, Hawkeye, Kensett, Logan, Lohrville, Larchwood, Malcolm, Malvern, Martelle and Maynard.

985. IA, 10 more: Merrill, Montour, Morley, Mt. Auburn, Orange City, Pocahontas, Plymouth, Pomeroy, Reasnor and Ridgeway.

986. IA, one more 10 count: Rockwell, Roland, Sac Co., Seymour, Shenandoah, Stuart, Traer, Victor (AL), Walnut and Walker.

987. IA, four centennials: Washington, Waukee, Wesley Area and Williams.

988. IA, Carroll, 101st Ann.

989. IA, 5 diff. 125th: Brooklyn, Sigourney, Burlington Steamboats (2), Keokuk Co., Iowa City and and a quasquicentennial from Quasquieton (7 pcs).

990. IA, four diff. with Iowa Numis. Assn. rev., including 1946 ANA and a high relief Marshalltown piece.

991. IA, 6 diff. misc. half dollar size, 2 dupes (8 pcs).

992. IA, lot of 7 diff. good fors, mostly unremarkable.

993. IA, similar lot of 6 BR pcs, 1 dupe; the highlight appears to be the Iowana Rec. Parlor from Red Oak.

994. IA, Burlington, Steamboat Days, 50c, 126th ann.

995. IA, eight centennials: Atlantic, Auburn, Aurelia, Avoca, Derby, Garrison, Humeston and Glidden.

996. IA, six centennials: Kensett, Le Mars, Manson, Oelwein, Onslow, Royal and Shelby.

997. KS, four centennials: state ( 2 diff.), Mutchinson and Stafford.

998. KS, medallions from Svensk Hyllningfest, Lindsborg and Banker’s Dept. Store, Russell.

999. KS, good fors from Brunswick Rec., Washington and Bill and Lorraines, Leav. (enworth) (2).

1000. KY, Bardstown 200 yrs and Van Brook of Lexington.

1001. KY, Louisville, Naval Ordnance Station, 1981, supervisor’s assn., two AL and one copper, appear to be handstruck.

1002. KY, Louisville, sim. to last: Heritage Weekend, 1982, American Heritage, NANBPW, one each copper, BR, AL and lead.

1003. KY, lot of 8 diff. good fors, highlighted by five pc set from P.J. Honaker, Port Royal, all AL.

1004. MD, misc. lot including Hagerstown coin club, Battle of Antietam and Westminster Bicent., 4 diff.

1005. MD World’s Fair Commission (2) and Frederick D.A.R.

1006. MD, misc. lot including 3 plastics and 3 BR, one of which is from the Fire Museum of MD. (entry token?).

1007. LA, Bossier City, First Bap. Church and Bank of Bernice, 75 yrs.

1008. LA, Hobo Token, pictured, dated 198X; Compliments of Del Romines Dec 1981; lead, looks like the KY pieces above.

1009. LA, lot of 5 pcs, three of which are Mardi Gras.

1010. ME, Cumberland Co. 200th (2) and a skiing souvenir, AL.

1011. MA, four bicentennials: Great Barrington, Fitchburg, Monson and Lanesborough.

1012. MA, Woburn, 325th and U.S. Customs House, Boston, small mint medal.

1013. (MA, Boston) Frigate Constitution, "struck from parts" of original ship, copper, UNC.

1014. MA, lot of 10 good fors and misc., including 4 Chief’s Cafe, South Bridge; duplicates.

1015. (MA) Nantucket Island, whale pictured; good for 2 bits at the seven seas, etc., AL; ordinary item but this lot is for 100 pieces the same!

1016. (MA) as last, like 100? How about 1000 pieces the same?

1017. MI, St. Ignace, Mich. State Ferries (this item might be funny in Ann Arbor) and Perry, Jubilee.

1018. MI, 12 centennial pieces from: White Cloud, East Tawas, Benton Harbor, Ida, Lansing, Fremont, Pontiac, Charlotte, Battle Creek, Hastings, Nashville and New Boston.

1019. MI, Sault Ste. Marie, 300th ann.

1020. MI, 10 diff. misc. celebrations, including fire house, Mackinac Bridge, Holland festival; 2 AL.

1021. MI, four varied commem’s and a souvenir: Irish Hills, Holland, Plymouth Falls (error) and Wyoming (2 diff.).

1022. MI, seven diff. ordinary good fors, except for a scarce National Food Stores, Detroit, all but one AL.

1023. MN, St. Paul, Instrument Flight Training, 25th.

1024. MN, four diff. winter festivals, including a 1976 St. Paul.

1025. MN, five diff. centennials, including a territorial, state, Atwater, Hinckley and Kandiyohi.

1026. MN, lot of 7 coin club or numis., 1 dupe, 2 AL.

1027. MN, lot of five diff. medallions.

1028. MN, 17 diff. BR good fors, highlighted by examples from Mentor, St. Cloud and two from Verndale.

1029. MN, four diff. plastic or AL good fors.

1030. MS, Biloxi, 5c plastic and a Jenny Wren/ Barbara Cooney medallion.

1031. MO, North Kansas City (2 50th Ann.) and Excelsior Springs, 100th.

1032. MO, Kansas City, 2 Crown Center medallions and souvenirs from Canton Ferry and Daniel Boone Park.

1033. MO, four diff. strawberry tokens.

1034. MT, J.R. Quigley Terr. of MT, Frontiertown commem, copper.

1035. MT, Frontier Town, 3 diff. AL good fors.

1036. NE, Ak-Sar-Ben, 1952 silver jubilee, AL, worn.

1037. NE, five diff. with NE centennial reverses: Peru, Otoe Co., state, Columbus and Grand Island.

1038. NE, centennials from Fairbury, Lincoln and North Bend.

1039. NE, four diff. coin club/numis. plus a dupe.

1040. NE, four diff. misc. pieces, including a souvenir.

1041. NE, three diff. good fors, including Steve Closer, Leigh, NE.

1042. NV, U.S. Bicent. salute, BR, Feisel-made.

1043. NV, three diff. misc. medallions.

1044. NV, 12 modern good fors, 6 from Carbilisa Claims, Oriental, 5 C. Massie, Gold Point and one Frank Roza personal.

1045. NH, Cannon Mt. Aerial Tramway, pictured, loop.

1046. NH, Franconia, Cannon Mt. Tramway, pictured; rev. pictures cross section of cable, BZ.

1047. NH, Lebanon bicent., BZ, loop.

1048. NH, Ossipee, Mt. Whittier Rec. Area, tram pictured, BR, loop.

1049. NH, No. Woodstock, Clark’s Trading Post, bear pictured, Old Man of the Mountains pictured, BZ; medal done before Old Man collapsed in 2003.

1050. NH, Warren, bicent., BZ.

1051. NH, Wolfeboro, Allen "A" Resort, Vacation Perfection, BZ.

1052. NJ, Atlantic City, 100 yrs, Mt. Carmel, 100 yrs, and Salem, 125 yrs for Masonic lodge 54.

1053. NJ, Bergen Co. coin club and North Jersey blood center.

1054. NJ, State of, tags from Middlesex and Morris Co’s and small BZ seal of NJ.

1055. NJ, six diff. arcade or souvenirs.

1056. NM, five diff. good luck, souvenirs or misc.

1057. NY, two diff. fire house commem’s and a 1000 Islands Bridge pc.

1058. NY, Poughkeepsie, Zimmer Bro. Jewelers, 80th Ann., BZ.

1059. NY, Fairport, 100 yrs, BZ.

1060. NY, sesqui’s from Perinton and Orangetown Fire Co. (2).

1061. NY, sesqui’s from Mendon, Battle of Plattsburgh and Niagara.

1062. NY, Rensselaer, Co., 175th, three in Ni.

1063. NY, U.S. Bicent. commem’s from Little Falls and Alden and "Uncle Sam" piece.

1064. NY, Rye, tercentennial, BR.

1065. NY, Hudson-Champlain, 350 yrs, two from Albany Co. and two NY/VT.

1066. NY, NY, Royal Coin Co., pine tree shilling replicas (2).

1067. NY, small World’s Fair piece and Stack’s/ Washington storecard.

1068. NY, nine diff. misc. and commem’s and souvenirs.

1069. NC, Smoky Mt. Natl. Park/ Wrights’ flight So-Called dollar, AL, BU.

1070. NC, three diff. misc. medallions.

1071. ND, two diff. state jubilee and a territorial centennial, 4 pcs.

1072. ND, Aberdeen, McDiarmid-Slater and Crete, Stephens Bro. tokens.

1073. OH, Ashland and Newark, 25th yr commem’s.

1074. OH, Macedonia centennial (3) and Dayton Masonic lodge, 50th.

1075. OH, centennials from Cedar Point, Genoa and Newcomerstown.

1076. OH, Loudonville (2) and Willoughby Masonic lodge 302.

1077. OH, sesqui’s from Ashland, Canton and Springboro.

1078. OH, Bedford, U.S. bicent.

1079. OH, Richland Co. Republicans and Toledo, good luck from Bill Ensign.

1080. OH, four misc. medallions.

1081. OH, four diff. misc. tokens, including a 995 eagles token.

1082. OH, Brunswick, sesqui., gilt.

1083. OK, four diff. 50 yrs medallions.

1084. OK, Pursell, jubilee.

1085. OK, International Petro. Expo., 100 yrs, Service Drilling Co., Tulsa.

1086. OK, Wetumpka Sucker Day and Tulsa State fair.

1087. OR, Oregon Historical Carvan, 1951, U.S. National Bank, AL.

1088. OR, Beaverton, 75th and OR, WA and CA Pear Assn., silver ann., plated.

1089. OR, centennials from: Grants Pass (two with words removed), Albany, John Day (2), Baker Co., and Klamath Falls, 7 pcs.

1090. OR, centennials from Klamath Falls, Salem, Springfield, Redmond, Roseburg and Lebanon.

1091. OR, Astoria, two diff. sesqui., gilt and Ni.

1092. OR, commem’s from Cottage Grove and Eugene and Pixieland souvenir.

1093. OR, 11 good fors (2 dupes) including two from Florence and two from Dayton.

1094. OR, five AL good fors, including two modern and two from The Smoke Shop, Baker, the same.

1095. PA, Hatfield, Artco, silver ann.

1096. PA, 50th ann from Emigsville, Fire Co. and Dillsburg, Farmers fair.

1097. PA, Hershey, Chocolatetown, nice relief BZ medallion.

1098. PA, 75th ann. from Seven Valleys, Jeanette and New Kensington (AL).

1099. Delete lot.

1100. PA, Great Allentown Fair, 125 yrs, bright and antiqued finishes.

1101. PA, sesqui’s from Milton, Union Co., Erie and Kutztown.

1102. PA, Newville, 175 yrs, gilt.

1103. PA, bicentennials from Boyertown, Wyoming Valley, Northumberland and Lower Paxton and U.S. bicent. from Bedford.

1104. PA, York 225th ann, gilt.

1105. Delete lot.

1106. PA, 10 misc. commem’s including two the same from Three Mile Island.

1107. PA, four diff. misc. commem’s.

1108. Delete lot.

1109. PA, seven good fors, one dupe, including two from York.

1110. PA, four diff. VFW, AMVETS or BPOE, all plastic.

1111. PA, six diff. bar tokens, plastic.

1112. PA, lot of 25 diff. plastic restaurants, inns, cafe, etc., including one from TamAQUA.

1113. PA, lot of 22 diff. plastic fire or hose co. tokens.

1114. RI, Pawtucket, 75 yrs, 1961, BZ.

1115. SC, centennials from Myrtle Beach church (2), Oconee Co., and Charleston (2), 5 pcs.

1116. SC, York Co., 1970 tricentennial, Battle of Kings Mt., BZ, and South of the Border souvenir.

1117. SD, Yankton, Meridian Hwy Bridge, 1924, BZ.

1118. SD, centennials from Deadwood, Sully Co., Pierre and Sioux Falls (5), 8 pcs.

1119. SD, souvenirs from Mt. Rushmore, 2 diff., and Wall Drugs, 2 diff.

1120. SD, Womens State Bowling Tourn., 1979 and 1981, Ni.

1121. SD, Aberdeen, McDiarmid-Slater, set of four, 5c to $1, Br.

1122. SD, good fors from Flandreau, Rowena and Tripp.

1123. TN, Erwin centennial and Chattanooga sesqui.

1124. TN, Chester Co. barbeque and Norris, grist mill/dam.

1125. TX, Houston, Bank of the SW 50 yrs and Ft. Worth, Cooke-Peavy lodge 50th.

1126. TX, Bellville, Austin Co. bank and Childress Co., 75th and 50th ann.

1127. TX, 100 yrs, Poll Parrot, dark.

1128. TX, Lampasas and Rockdale lodge 414 (AL), 100 yrs.

1129. TX, state sesqui., BZ

1130. TX, 8 diff. misc. medallions, including 2 souvenirs.

1131. TX, three diff. B & B Supplies and Philatelic Depot, Houston.

1132. VT, Burlington, VFW convention, 1983 and small Dean Hyder personal.

1133. VA, 75th for Virginia’s largest town and Masonic home of VA; AL, 2 pcs.

1134. VA, centennials for Dickenson Co. and West Point.

1135. VA, misc. commem’s from Wakefield (G. Washington), VA Beach, Lexington and Appomattox Civil War (2 diff., one coin-turn, second medal-turn).

1136. VA, Richmond, three diff. Imperial Coins.

1137. WA, Yakima, Central Washington Fair, 25 yrs, 2 the same.

1138. WA, five diff. jubilees: Auburn (2), Marysville, Tacoma, Yakima and state coin, 6 pcs.

1139. WA, Ellensburg, centennial, BZ.

1140. WA, Seattle, Century 21 Expo., three diff..

1141. WA, ten diff. misc. medallions, 2 dupes, 4 AL.

1142. WA, 11 good fors, including three diff. from Pasco Club, Pasco, and three the same from Deutscher Verein, Aberdeen (these corroded), 13 pcs.

1143. WA, Aberdeen, 8 diff. plastic Grays Harbor coin show tokens.

1144. WV, Logan Co., centennial, and Bluefield, Karl Frye, 75 yrs.

1145. WV, Wheeling Customhouse (mint medal) and Caretta, Carter Coal Co., 1c, Orco.

1146. WI, Janesville, UAW Local 95, 50 yrs, 2 pcs.

1147. WI, Menominee Falls, 75th Ann., gilt.

1148. WI, three diff. misc. medallions.

1149. WI, 7 diff. misc. good fors.

1150. WI, 15 diff. plastic bar, tavern, resort, etc. tokens.

1151. WI, Columbus, Beth’s Bar, 5c, BR.

1153. WI, Juneau, Dick & Diana’s Bar, AL, 10c, nicked up.

1154. WI, Juneau, Juneau Buffet Waiters Check, 10c, AL, minor corrosion.

1155. WI, Little Suamico, Karcz’s Bar, 10c, AL, SCAL.

1156. WI, Madison, Theo. G. Mueller, 2 1/2c, BR.

1157. WI, Madison, Romie and Blondies, Tavern Black Bridge, 15c, BR.

1158. WI, Osseo, Pat’s Tavern, 10c, AL.

1159. WI, Rib Lake, National tavern, 10c, red fiber.

1160. WY, Yosemite Grant 100 yrs and two diff. souvenirs, Grand Teton and Buffalo Bill Village.

1161. DC, four diff. Washington souvenirs, 2 dupes.

1162. DC, Patent Office of U.S., for copy machines, some spots.

1163. CANADA, Alberta, lot of 16 diff. souvenir dollars; Ni, AU-UNC.

1164. As last, British Columbia, 12 diff.

1165. As last, Manitoba, seven diff.

1166. As last, New Brunswick, nine diff.

1167. As last, Newfoundland and Labrador, Winter Games Dollar.

1168. As last, Northwest Territories, Hay River, one and two dollar pieces.

1169. As last, Nova Scotia, eight diff.

1170. As last, Ontario, 12 diff.

1171. As last, Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown and Greater Summerside, 2 pcs.

1172. As last, Quebec, four diff.

1173. As last, Saskatchewan, Melville and Heritage Trail Travel Assn., 2 pcs.

1174. As last, misc. lot of 27 diff. Canadian dollars.

1175. Canadian province commem. medallions featuring flowers, 9 pcs, one of which is corroded.

1176. Five diff. bank tokens, 1850 to 1854, one damaged, rest ave. VG-F.

1177. Alberta, Edmonton, commem. and Grande Prairie, BR trade dollar.

1178. Winnepeg, Regency Coin & Stamp, two diff.

1179. Northwest territories, commem, AL, caribou.

1180. Misc. lot of three ZN prime ministers and three Torex tokens.

1181. Quebec, Kino, Circuit Kino-Court, and Souvenir Montreal, Jeanne D’Arc (Joan of Arc) pictured, bldg pictured rev., loop removed, early charge coin?

1182. Sask., Melfort, Hub of NE Sask., gilt.

1183. Yukon, Dawson City, Klondyke, 1984 gold panning, BZ.

1184. Four diff. misc. Canadian commem’s.

1185. FAO, 25 yrs, and two AL Expo ‘67 parking tokens.


1186. AZ, Indian Wells, E.J. Marty, $1; AL, OCTA; badly worn but all legend is legible.

1187. NM, Gallup, C.N. Cotton, $1, AL, XF.

1188. NM, Gallup, Howard Wilson Indian Trader, 5c, BR, UNC.

1189. As last, 10c, AU, stain along one edge obv.

1190. NV, Las Vegas, Laubach & Benjamin/ Lobby, Ni, AU.

1191. (NM, Prewitt) Bloomfield Commissary, 1oo/ Not good at any other place and not exchangeable for cash; OCTA, AL, XF-AU but symbol CTST obv.


1192. IL795B, Citizens Street Railway, sharp XF; minimum bid is cat. value ($15).

1193. KY510BR, Royal Blue, Yellow Cab, bimetal! nice XF ($20).

1194. MI680A, the famous North Muskegon Ferry Line, VF-XF ($25).

1195. MN230E, Duluth Short Line, VG but tough! ($60).

1196. MT140H, T.O. Newman, VF, scarce and desired! ($65).

1197. NH30A, Andover to Boston, UNC ($10).

1198. NM900A, Taos Pueblo AU ($12.50).

1199. NY630La, Tyson & Co., VF with stains both sides. ($12.50)

1200. NY695A, bimetal, XF, small speck obv. ($10).

1201. NY780C, electric trolley, XF, undermetal shows on some highlights.

1202. OK380B, cardboard, UNC ($3).

1203. PA15C, strictly UNC, sparkling mica specks! ($20).

1204. PA320A, sharp AU-UNC. ($3.50).

1205. PA495G, UNC ($3).

1206. PA495H, XF ($3).

1207. PA515B, XF-AU ($5).

1208. PA725Bb, unusual retooled rev. die; obv. F-VF, scratches rev. ($15).

1209. PA750A, oval beauty! part red UNC ($45).

1210. PA750G, omnibus, VG-F ($15).

1211. PA750N, Hestonville, VF-XF ($35).

1212. Germany, Nurnberg transit tokens: nice group, complete from 740D to AW, 46 pieces.

1213. Nurnberg-Furth, Strassenbahn Geld 1921, by Arthur Hyman; the booklet which describes the history of each individual token, as listed above; Hyman inscribed the book to a collector, with an additional letter


1214. Plastic maverick tokens, 12 diff.

1215. British Armed Forces 1/2d (2), NAAFI, 1/2fr and a second similar OCTA token; all made of fiber, 4 pcs.

1216. Lot of 15 assorted sales tax tokens, no rareties evident; all but three AL.

1217. Panama, Festival Casinos, $1, Ni, dollar size; Au-UNC, 100 pieces, some with removable spots.

1218. Three minor AL space tokens.

1219. Two different Busty Betty naughty flippers.

1220. Five diff. ordinary automotive tokens.

1221. Excellent group of early European counters, virtually all, probably, of 1600-1800 time era; several marked Lauer or Lav, about half "signed;" condition mostly excellent; includes one Jenny Lind and another, two chickens or fowl, copu------!

1222. Canada, Kitimat, Aluminum Company of Canada; AL, 51mm, AU.

1223. As last, a second lot.

1224. England? Pilsley Colliery School Check, 2d, BR.

1225. England, 12 assorted small tokens, mid to late 20th century.

1226. France: nice assortment, virtually all diff.; 20 pcs, early to mid 20th century generally; cutest is a Deus Charitas Est, anchor and cross though heart/ Broeders van Liefde, Freres of de La Charite, 5, BR.

1227. Germany: similar to last, but probably earlier, on average; 47 pieces, mostly all diff.; one piece has German obv and English rev! An elephant token from Nurnberg advertises the Apollo Theatre. Nice group!

1228. Two early 40mm WM German medals: one immorializes Johann v. Oestrach, VF, slightly bent; the second pictures D. Heilige Kreuzberg, VF-XF, loop removed.

1229. Crown Prince of Orange, Holland’s Glory, horse pictured/ Waterloo June 18, 1816; BZ, was silvered, F; Conder?

1230. Netherlands: seven diff., 2 plastic, 20th century.

1231. Israel: three diff. Israel Gov. Coins and Medals; three misc. "Jewish."

1232. Scandinavian: eight diff., at least seven are 20th century.

1233. Misc. world lot: includes Ethiopia, Russia, Switzerland, etc., plus a 1900-ish Italian token.

1234. Telephone tokens: 6 diff. Italian.

1235. Telephone: Goetz or similar, 18 in all, most if not all different.

1236. Telephone: lot of 28 assorted, about half French; variety of other countries, in particular a General Tele. Co. of California.

1237. Military tokens: five diff. WWII plus an extra Club Sumida.

1238. Five diff. Vietnam or WWII, an extra Davis Station EM Club.

1239. Tama-Josui, NCO Open Mess, 50c; Cunningham JP4330d.

1240. Four diff. misc. overseas U.S. military tokens.

1241. Mixed lot of 15 diff. U.S. tokens from bases in U.S.

1242. Two hard times and a Peacock, from Chicago; first VG and VF (this one very slightly off-center), the Peacock is about worthless.

1243. Government issue medallions: five diff. plus an extra featuring Serb Natl. Federation, Hennepin Co. (MN) Gov. Center, Jr Chamber of Commerce, etc.

1244. Lot of 15 U.S. mavericks, 7 in plastic.

1245. Misc. half dollar size commem’s, souvenirs, medallions, advertisements, etc. 47 in all, perhaps 10 are duplicates; 1 plastic, maybe 10 AL.

1246. Lot of 54 smaller items: key tags, souvenirs, advertising, Woodmen, awards, etc.; some duplication.

1247. Lot of 108 maverick tokens; you should find perhaps 40% of these as being attractive and a challenge, the rest ordinary and redundant; some duplication.

1248. Mardi Gras doubloons, throws, krewes: up to 255 different total, a group of 147 different mixed with a second group of 108 of at least mostly diff.; about half colored, one BZ; dated generally about 1969 to 1981; a good start on an early group!

1249. Sales tax tokens and OPA tokens: 49 in all, some duplication.

1250. Lot of 28 Man in Space, Shell Mr. President and some food stamp change tokens.

1251. Sunoco Antique Car Coins, 23 in all.

1252. Sunoco Landmarks of America coins, 20 pcs.

1253. Sunoco Antique Car Coins, Series 2; 25 pcs.

1254. Pinbacks, 20 in all, all but a few are AFL-CIO and/or transportation related; plastic cap badge from C.T.A. (Chicago), CTA uniform buttons, etc.

1255. Casino drink or promotion tokens 13 and 7 dollar size slot tokens and two smaller, 22 pieces in all.

1256. A.V.A. personal tokens, 21 in plastic, 21 in metal, of which five of those are rolled out cents.

1257. Military tokens from U.S. bases, another lot, 39 pcs in all, includes several Vietnam.

1258. Elongated coins: 11 in all, includes 4 modern, three diff additional modern from nickel, dime and quarter, rolled on two tokens; plus a popular Pearl Harbor cent and the Egyptian Pavilion, 1933 World’s Fair.

1259. Encased 1945 cent: NY, NY, Topper Undergarment Co., brown UNC.

1260. Encased 1936 cent: Sky Rocket pennies from Heaven, F, and a Grays Harbor Coin Show cent.

1261. Misc. lot: PNC with medal for St. Charles Ave. trolley, New Orleans, Orange Co., Calif., bicent., in presentation card, Gov. of NJ (1990), a skating tag and some misc. advertising.

1262. Three three inch medals: (1) NBC 1926 1936 art deco medal; Tenth Anniversary to those who have shared with us in the advancement of broadcasting, etc.; plated BZ, AU, wear on highlights; worthy of a strong bid; (2) 1972S "cent," and (3) a cast AL May In Middletown Womans Club May 23, 1971, replica Morgan dollar rev.


1263. (BC) Cominco, milk token only, same rev., BZ.

1264. BC, Cranbrook, Cranbrook Trading Co. Ltd, general Merchandise, 25c, AL.

1265. As last, 50c, some surface tarnish.

1266. BC, Cranbrook, Venezia Hotel, 25c, BR.

1267. (BC, Nelson) The Manhattan, I. & B. Nelson (saloon, 1900) 12 1/2c, Ni, tough piece!

1268. (MB) Winnipeg, City Bread Co., Good for 1 loaf phone 52910, AL.

1269. As last, a duplicate.

1270. (MB, Winnipeg) McIntosh Cigars Tobacco, 5c, BR, dark.

1271. MB, Winnipeg, Paddock Restaurant, 10th Birthday, 50c, SQ, gilt.

1272. (MB, Winnipeg) Workingmens Union Bakery, Good for 2 loaves, phone J2910, AL.

1273, As last, a duplicate.

1274. As last, another dupe.

1275 NB, Osnabrook, Paul Otto, 5c, AL.

1276. NS, Halifax, Maritime Business College, 1 college currency, AL.

1277. NS, Halifax, Nelson C. Boltz, good for 1 drink, AL.

1278. As last, a duplicate.

1279. (ON?) Ballinahad, E.H. Betts the big departmental store, 1c, AL.

1280. (ON) Brantford, MacNicolls Dairy Ltd., 1 qt, steer-head, AL, some tarnish.

1281. (ON) Drumbo, M.W. Binkley, 1c, AL.

1282. ON, Drumbo, W.S. Murray, General Merchant, 25c, Al, OCTA.

1283. ON, Elora, At Campbell’s Stores, 5, AL.

1284. ON, Forest, James Maylor & Sons Stores, 2, BR.

1285. (ON) Guelph, Model Bakery, Powell & Co., 1/2 loaf of bread, AL, OCTA.

1286. As last, a duplicate.

1287. (ON?) Hockley Hill, T. Cheatham Tavern, 2 1/2, BR; c. 1900.

1288. (ON) London, E.F. Leavens baker No 7 Grand Ave., 1 loaf of bread, AL, SCAL.

1289. (ON, London) London Tobacco Co., 25 checks good for one plug/ Brands Pride of London, Cracker Jack, Ourown & 400, AL.

1290. ON, Meaford, Rowe’s Dairy, 10c when returned with our bottle, SQ, AL.

1291. ON, Mildmay, Henry Keelan Baker, 1 loaf of bread, AL, SCAL.

1292. ON, Neustadt, J. Derbecker General Merchant, 25c, BR.

1293. As last, a duplicate.

1294. (ON, Ottawa) Good for 5c when purchasing tea at Stroud’s, same rev., AL.

1295. ON, Owen Sound, Shirley & Rathwell, Bakers and Confectioners, 1 loaf of bread, AL, OVAL.

1296. As last, a duplicate.

1297. (ON) Port Arthur, G.A. Hunter Baker, 1 loaf of bread, AL, grubby obv.

1298. (ON?) Port Dover, Truesdale & Bond, The Fair Dept. Store, 10c, AL.

1299. As last, 25c.

1300. As last, 1oo, bruised.

1301. ON, Toronto, Product of the Royal Canadian Tobacco Co., Golden Virginia, cigarette and pipe tobacco, good luck, Golden Virginia crest rev., gilt, stain obv.

1302. (ON, Toronto) Robert Simpson Co., Ltd., 5, same rev., AL, tarnished.

1303. ON, Wheatley, Whitney Bros. General Merchants, 25c, BR.

1304. (ON, Bowman) John McMurtry, 1c in trade, all incused, BR, SCAL, uniface.

1305. PQ, Clarke City, Gulf Pulp & Paper Co., Redeemable only 50c in merchandise, AL, OCTA.

1306. As last, a duplicate.

1307. (PQ) Montreal, Charley’s Place C.A. Duclos Prop., good for 5c in trade at the bar, Al, OCTA.

1308. (PQ, Montreal) Good for small 1 loaf S. Laleur 180 Champlain St.; same text in French rev., AL.

1309. (PQ, Montreal) Souvenir Compliments Opera Cocktail De Luxe Jeton Token; George and Elizabeth, crowned 1937, etc., gilt, AU (Bowman 3336a).

1310. (PQ) Montreal, R. Sharpley Jeweler & Watchmaker, bust of Elizabeth; Importers of Silverware, Clocks, etc., gilt.

1311. PQ, St. Roch, Chez M.O. Martineau, bon pour 3c, AL.

1312. SK, Delisle, S. Moulton General Store, 1c, AL.

1313. As last, 5c.

1314. SK, Regina, Regina Coin Club, 1962, 25c, AL.

1315. (SK) S.G.I.O./ coffee bar, AL.

1316. (YT) Dawson City Opera House, $1, AL.

1317. Bristol, Llewellins Machine Co., blank rev., Ni, holed.

1318. Canada Mint Co., 5c, BR, large c.h.

1319. Kemptville Dairy, N.L. Stewart, 1 qt milk, AL, TRI, holed.

1320. As last, a duplicate.

1321. Longdon, D. Richards Council Houses, incused, rev. blank, BR.

1322. Good Luck engraved on rev. of 1974 cent; "free for your order."

1323. Maple Leaf Bakery No Delivery, 1 loaf bread, AL, OCTA.

1324. As last, a duplicate.

1325. (BC) Revelstroke, McKinnon Bros., 5c, BR.

1326. As last, a duplicate.

1327. The Rollefson Co. Ltd. Farm Implements Harness & Hardware, $1, AL.

1328. As last, a duplicate.

1329. As last, 50c.

1330. As last, a duplicate.

1331. Victoria 1 Horse Hay L.S. Pro., all incused, BR, uniface.

1332. ON, Guelph, At Geo. Williams, half loaf bread, AL.


1333. Alaska Centennial, Anchorage 1967, white plastic.

1334. Alaska the 49th state, Fairbanks, $1, gold plated BZ!

1335. Alaska the Last Frontier, flag, map and flower pictured, AL.

1336. CT, Greenwich, 1940, 300 yrs, reddish BZ, AU.

1337. (FL?) Ponce de Leon Royal Order, head of de Leon, rev. similar, gilt.

1338. IL, Maple Park, centennial, 1954, gilt.

1339. IL, Plano, centennial, 1954, gilt.

1340. IN, Winchester, (144 yrs) Founders Day, 50c, 1962, two pcs.

1341. IN sesqui., map one side, crest on other; plated, loop, VF.

1342. KY, Paducah, sixth annual strawberry festival, 1941, 5c! gilt.

1343. As last, but nice UNC speciman.

1344. MD, Baltimore, Stieff Silver across bldg/ Lucky piece made of Stieff sterling silver, engraved Z.R. Kohlhoff, The Stieff Co.

1345. (MA) Boston, Carriage Builders Natl. Assn., bldg, 1903, saying by Holmes rev., BZ, UNC.

1346. Nantucket Island, whale pictured, good for 2 bits at the Seven Seas, AL.

1347. MI, Albion, Hundredth Year of American Methodism, 1866, bust; Albion College, Sunday School centennary, BZ, holed at edge.

1348. (MI) Baraga, 1868-1968, pictures cross, Indian and priest? femaile figure rev., sterling silver, loop.

1349. As last, several small spots.

1350. (MI?) Bloomfield Hills, hand holding cards, 1921; Seventh Annual Conv., owl pictured, half dollar, AL.

1351. MI, Detroit, Detroit Alloy Steel Co., A.S.S.T. conv, 1933; Howling Hank’s Tivoli Silver Dollar Bar, AL, cute!

1352. MI, Detroit, Detroit Bank, 100th, 1949, AL.

1353. As last, a duplicate.

1354. As last, one more.

1355. MSNS (Mich. State Numis. Soc.) Youngest member, sponsored by Pres. Tom Jones, Maria Theresa Salfi, 1973, wood.

1356. (MI) Detroit, Volk’s Stamp & Stencil Co., Steel stamps, badges, etc., a spinner, gilt; diesinker.

1357. MI, Detroit, Weyhing Bros. Mfg. Co., Jewelrymen of the Better Kind, etc., rev. pictures three, BZ.

1358. (MI) Detroit Court No. 3 Order of Amaranth, crown pictured, rev. blank, Ni.

1359. (MI) Grand Rapids Campau Centennial 1924, Indian village pictured, BZ.

1360. MI, Mackinaw City, bridge pictured, Fort Michilimackinac pictured rev., BR.

1361. (MI, Midland) The Nations Playground, map of state; state crest; made of dowmetal, ugly condition! (dowmetal corrodes easily).

1362. MI, Pontiac, Greater Pontiac Centennial, 50c, 1961, gilt.

1363. MI, Pontiac, Coin Club, Indian pictured, 1966, gilt.

1364. MI, Port Huron, Big Red Marching Band Olympic Competition, Indian pictured; 1972, state map, gilt.

1365. MI, Romulus, Civic Center Dedication, 1971, BZ gilt.

1366. As last, a duplicate.

1367. As last, another dupe.

1368. MI, Saginaw, Henry Electric Co., Power Transmission Equipment, spinner, AL.

1369. MN, Two Harbors, Voyageur Museum & Motel, souvenir, BR.

1370. As last, a duplicate.

1371. Another dupe, with large spot rev.

1372. MO, Sedalia, Missouri Centennial, 1921, nice early AL piece.

1373. MO, Stanton, Jesse James, Meramec Taverns souvenir, BR.

1374. MT, Great Falls, Electric City Coin Club, 1965, BZ.

1375. ND-MT, State Line Rodeo, souvenir, BR, green coloring or verdigris?

1376. MT, Territorial Centennial, Lewis and Clark and Sacajawea, Ni.

1377. NE, Boys Town, holed for ring, BR.

1378. NE, North Bend Centennial, $1, AL.

1379. NV, Las Vegas, Hoover Dam pictured, 1931 start of building, gilt.

1380. NH, University of NH, centennial, 1966, Ni.

1381. NH, White Mts., Clark’s Trading Post, Old Man in Mt., Ni.

1382. As last, a duplicate.

1383. NJ, Matawan, Hanson-Van Winkle Munning Co., good luck spinner, Ni.

1384. NJ, Commemorative of the Armory Fair, 1881, NJ 9th Regt., C Co.; WM, UNC.

1385. NY, Buffalo, M.A. Reich, hand wrought gold rings, AL, small.

1386. NY, Long Island City, Jackson Buff. Corp., Airway Buffs; McFarland Mfg. Co., Ni.

1387. As last, a duplicate; these are number CTST.

1388. NY, NY, Jaburg Bros., 50th Ann., 1935, Epicure rev., BZ.

1389. (NYC) Jack & Charlies, 21 (Club); spinner, plated steel!

1390. As last, a duplicate.

1391. As last, a duplicate with wear, exposing some rust in details.

1392. NY-MD, The Guth Chocolate Co., New York-Baltimore, good medal chocolates, BZ, H.A.M.

1393. NY, NY, Cathedral of the Church of St. John the Divine, nice gilt.

1394. NY, Spuyten Duyvil, Isaac G. Johnson & Co., Monel Metal Castings 1909; made of Monel metal we assume!

1395. NY, seal of state, BZ, loop, was or was intended to be 14k gold plated.

1396. (OH) Cincinati, The Ohio Natl. Life Ins. Co., October Gold Rush, 1940, BR.

1397. OH, Columbus, D.L. Auld Co., emaciated figure rev., lead copy?

1398. OH, Dayton, Grand Council, Masonic, 1939 meeting, antiqued, with old ribbon attached.

1399. OH, New Paris, Sesqui., 1967, gilt.

1400. OH, Wilburforce, Ladies Hall pictured; Endowment Day, Education’s Sure Anchor, anchor pictured; AL, OVAL, XF-AU.

1401. OR, Albany, centennial, 1948, gilt, ugly spots one side.

1402. PA, Erie, Alpha Theatre, 1910, "Big clean shows for little money," swastika rev., BZ, general verdigris obv.

1403. (PA, Philadelphia) Cleary’s Saloon, 8th and Cherry Sts., BZ, VF.

1404. As last, a virtual twin.

1405. (PA, Philadelphia?) Wm. Penn Hotel, pictures Penn (?) one side, pirate the other, BZ.

1406. PA, Philaelphia, Home of the Phila. Record, bldg; Birthplace of the Decl. of Independence, BZ, cleaned, pierced for hanging.

1407. PA. Philadelphia, Oak Hall, Boys Clothing, Wanamaker and Bros., flag pictured, BZ, worn.

1408. PA, Reading, Reading Hardware Co., incused, blank rev., BZ.

1409. PA, Philadelphia, seal of city, founded by Wm. Penn, BZ, pierced and gouged.

1410. RI, Providence, Bojar Co., manufacturers of fine quality jewelery, AL.

1411. RI, Providence, R.G. Stamp Matic H Leach Machinery Co, good luck, BZ.

1412. RI, Providence, Ostby & Barton Co., 10K-14K solid gold, O-B Rings, etc., AL.

1413. SD, Black Hills, Rockerville Goldtown, good luck, BR.

1414. As last, a duplicate.

1415. As last, a dark duplicate.

1416. SD, Mitchell, World’s Only Corn Palace, First Palace 1892, Present 1921, gilt, H.A.M.

1417. SD, Wall, Wall Drug Store, four diff. souvenirs, gilt, nickel and steel.

1418. SD, Yankton, Meridian Highway Bridge (pictured), commemorate opening, 1924, BZ, H.A.M.

1419. TN, Nashville, Belle Meade Shoe Co., good luck, Excelsior Medal, BZ, H.A.M., small spots rev.

1420. (TX) Dallas Fire Dept. say win with fire prevention, lose rev., AL, small flipper.

1421. (TX) Perrytown, Wheatheart of the Nation, TX map, 50th Ann., 1969, gilt, loop.

1422. TX, San Antonio, The Alamo, pictured, blank rev., BZ, loop.

1423. TX, San Antonio, Ed. Friedrich Sales Corp., crest, good luck, gilt.

1424. TX, centennial celebration, Poll Parrot shoes, parrot pictured, 1936, BZ.

1425. WA, Columbia River, Grand Coulee Dam, pictured, largest concrete dam, etc., BZ, loop.

1426. (WA) Seattle, Alaska Yukon Pacific Expo., 1909, figures pictured; clasp removed, blank rev., plated BZ, VF-XF.

1427. (WA) Seattle, Alaska Yukon Pioneers Civic Expo., pioneer pictured; Season Admittance, 1937, etc., gilt, BU.

1428. (WA) Vancouver, Pioneering in the Pacific Northwest, 1940, pioneer pictured with roll of wire; Aluminum Co. of America, etc., AL.

1429. United States of America, Cradle of Liberty, Bicentennial, Concord Minuteman, pictured; lead cast? loop.


1430. Bermuda, The Hog Penny Pub, half pint, copy of Sommer Island shilling, BZ.

1431. (Columbia) St. Augustin, Mariano Ruiz, 2 reales, Cafetal San Francisco, BZ, VF, c. 1850?

1432. Cuba? San Gabriel, Hacienda L. Letona, vale por 1 quintal aguardiente, copper.

1433. Cuba? Santiago de Maria, 1 ri, Doce y Medio, 12 1/2 centavos, copper.

1434. Cuba? San Augustin, Finca Galingagua, bush pictured; Sucesion 2 reales M.E. Araujo, AL.

1435. Cuba? Santiago de Maria, Juan Mayner 1/2 ri; Seis y Cuarto 6 1/4 centavos, BR.

1436. England, Earl Gray, bust, Britons be true to your King; St. George and dragon, 1830, copper.

1437. England, Prince of Wales Model Half Souv., crest; Victoria pictured rev., 1854, BR.

1438. As last, similar, dated 1875.

1439. England, O.G. & Co., 1/-, No;. 1; BR.

1440. England, R H London & Sons, penta. crest; 3d, no., BR.

1441. As last, but 4d.

1442. France, Nya AnglupsBolaget, Polett, rev. blank, BR.

1443. France, Paris, Montmartre Auditions, CG; 14Bd de Clichy, Place Pigalle, bon pour une audition, BR.

1444. France, Blanchisserie de Thaon, portion 10c, ZN.

1445. As last, but rev. is Biere; ZN, very grubby.

1446. France, 2 fr, 1944 token, AL, dirty.

1447. Germany, Gut fur 1/2 liter bier, wreath only rev., plated ZN?

1448. Germany, Werth-Marke 50 R (ctst); 50, BR.

1449. Germany, L. Silberloh; St. Kjobmagergade, 1, Galanterihandel, BZ, nicked up.

1450. Germany, Altes Feldberghaus, 15, BR.

1451. Germany, Kaisergarten Wurz’n Sepp., 5, AL.

1452. As last, 10.

1453. Italy? Casimiro Monterastelli; good for 5c in trade, AL, SCAL.

1454. As last, but 10c.

1455. Mexico, Cienega, L. Loaiza, val por un dia, BR, some staining.

1456. Mexico, Nogales, Son., "La Conga" Night Club, 50c in drinks, framed across, AL, tarnish rev.

1457. Mexico, Ficha Para Coca-Cola Marca Reg., Unicamente para vendedoras automaticas, copper.

1458. Mexico, Miradaor D.F.; Torre Latinoamericana, bldg pictured, BR.

1459. Mexico, Matamoros, Tamps., Yellow Bar $1; Air Conditioned Yellow Bar Good Luck, AL.

1460. Mexico, Reynosa, Tamps., Gold Palace; same rev., c.h., AL.

1461. Mexico, N. Laredo, Tony’s Pleace (sic); Gonzalez y San Antonio St. Phone 1344, AL.

1462. Mexico, H. Matamoros, Tamps., Nuevo Loredo Bar; Diviertass Visitandonos, glass and bottle pictured, thanks, AL, holed.

1463. Mexico, N. Loredo, Tamps., Benjamon Soto, Prop., 5; La Tosca Benjamon Soto, Prop., Cantina y Restaurant, copper.

1464. France, Usines de Coueron, 10c; copper, SCAL.

1465. Germany, Lauf, Moschkau & Glimpel, Flaschen Pfand; rev. blank, ZN, SQ.

1466. Poland? W. Poranski na Prezesa Z.N.P.; Znalazles Co Szukasz, AL.

1467. As last, a dupe.

1468. Sweden? Tunev 1 inci Mevki, same rev., Ni, c.h.

1469. Germany? Pile Spil, Brd. Stefansen, 25, Tivoli, 2 holes, OCTA, plated.

1470. Scotland, Carnoustie Co-Operative Association, Unlimited, Established 1859, thistle pictured; BR, tiny hole, dollar size, some verdigris.

1471. Trinidad y Santa Barbara, Stubbs Paz y Company, un medio, CTST D.D. rev., BR, beat up.


1472. CA, San Diego, 7-Eleven 14345 Penasquitos Dr, set of five diff. of basic FSCT design.

1473. (MI) Comstock Park Foods, set of five.

1474. (MI, Detroit) Food Fair Mkts, 5, small, black fiber.

1475. (MI, Niles) Tony’s Market Inc 15th & Lake St, set of four, missing 50c.

1476. (MI, Pontiac) Bonnie Lo Discount, 1c, early embossed style, black, 2 pcs, and Lions Super Mkt, 10c, blue, same design.

1477. (MI, Rogers City) Mr. Ed’s IGA (logo), set of five.

1478. MI, Stanwood, Pioneer General Store 1976, set of four, missing 1c.

1479. (NY, Bronx) E & B Food Stamp Credit, 1c and 5c, AL, different styles.

1480. (OH, Cincinnati) Parkview IGA and DOT and affiliated stores, etc.; AL, anod. gold, 2 the same.

1481. OR, Milton Freewater, Price It Foods New Walla Walla Highway, obverse die for tokens! Very scarce item! These are rarely seen. Lead.

1482. WI, Kenosha, Smith’s Foods Store, 1c.

1483. (PR, San Juan) Pueblo (logo), 1c, Spanish rev.

1484. Mixed lot of seven FSCTs, 5 diff. stores, including a smaller and scarcer type from Sunshine Foods, 6810 S. Halsted.

1485. (NY, Bronx) E & B, a 5c OCTA to go with lot 1479.

1486. Nedick’s Stores, bust, Nedick’s Nickel, AL, worn.


1487. Service Check 25c Atlanta Lodge No. 78 B.P.O.E., deer pictured, AL.

1488. Elks Club St. Louis, 25c, AL, SCAL.

1489. Elks Club 155, 5c, 1 star, AL, SCAL.

1490. B.P.O. Elks 155, 5c, AL, SCAL.

1491. As last, 10 pieces.

1492. B.P.O.E., elk head, 5c, AL.

1493. As last, lot of 10 pieces.

1494. Elks Club 155, 25c, AL, large OVAL.

1495. Elks Club, 25c, Al, OVAL; as these were found together, it is assumed that this is Club #155 also.

1496. Elks Club 155, $1, AL.

1497. Elks Club B.P.O.E. No. 190 (?? worn), 1oo, bimetal, center worn.

1498. Elks Club No. 363, 5, AL, OCTA, corroded.

1499. B.P.O.E. 1139, 10c, AL, SCAL.

1500. Elks Club 5c; Waiter No. 5, AL.

1501. As last, Waiter No. 6.

1502. Elks Club, 10c, Al, TRI.

1503. (Elkhead pictured), 5, AL, OVAL, worn.

1504. FOE/ 329, AL, OVAL, worn.

1505. F.O. Eagles #472, 5c, AL.

1506. F.O.E. 678, same rev., white on blue plastic, OCTA.

1507. K. of C. 702, 5, AL, tarnished.

1508. L.O.O.M. No. 200/ Special, BR, c.h. drilled.

1509. Eagle’s (bird pictured) Club, 5c, AL.

1510. Red Men Singing Society, 5 cents, BR; detail flattened down.

1511. V.F.W. Post 1404 5c, all incused, Al, SCAL, holed, rev. blank.

1512. Post 665, uniface, AL.


1513. Billings, The Bungalow, "Bill" Hoose & Son, 25c, BR, SQ.

1514. As last, a duplicate.

1515. Billings, Eagle Club, 5c, BR, OCTA.

1516. As last, a duplicate.

1517. As last, a 10c, OCTA.

1518. As last, a duplicate.

1519. Medicine Lake, Eight Ball Inn, 5c, BR.

1520. As last, a duplicate.


1521. NY, Syracuse, F.D. Roosevelt encased stamp redeemable for a Roosevelt Dime, 10c, Nicholas Korb sheet metal, centennial of city 1948; encased 1c Roosevelt stamp, RECT BR case, UNC.

1522. As last, encased 2c stamp.

1523. As last, encased 3c stamp.

1524. As last, encased 5c stamp.

1525. Ornate FPW monogram, 2 bits (pictured!) BR.

1526. Lot of four diff. bimetallic machine or amusement tokens.

1527, Five diff. amusement tokens picturing an owl, horse and rider, Liberty Bell, pinball machine and horsehead.

1528. OH, Bellville, United Presbyterian Church, good for one sermon any Sunday morning, BR.

1529. Telephone tokens: Rocky Mountain Bell telephone Co., (good for) one local switch, BR, some staining, and Sunset Telephone and Telegraph Co., one switch, Ni, c.h.

1530. CT, New Haven, The Celluloid Starch Co., free package of starch; two varieties, BR and BZ, different lettering.

1531. ND, Valley City, Chaffee’s, one 1s skigger, BR, tarnished obv.

1532. Talleur’s Buffet, good for 15c in trade, 7919 N. Bwy., AL, rev. the same.

1533. NY, NY, The United States Umbrella Co., Good for one umbrella during 1908 at any of our stations, series D, AL, UNC.

1534. 150 Co. C.A.C., good for 1 cue, BR.

1535. WI, La Crosse, 301 Main St., Cargen & Young Druggists, one glass soda, AL, very slightly bent.

1536. Doutrich’s "The Live Store," this coin is worth 50c on any straw hat, swastika good luck rev., BZ, toned and slightly discolored.

1537. D.D. Evans , bust, The Speedo Man, Good for one complete Speedo sales outfit on 30 day test, Al.

1538. Vacation farm, good for one egg, BR, c.h.

1539. Good for 25 cts Herman’s Place, Play where your Hickeys buy eats, black on yellow cardboard.

1540. (WI) Waukesha Milk Co., 6c, AL.

1541. Co, Greeley, Compliments The Stockman Western Wear, good for one boot shine, BR.

1542. OH, Ironton, The Dayton Malleable Iron Co., one ladle iron, AL.

1543. OH, Flushing, Jaylen Stamps, John A. Backora, good for 5 precancels, BR.

1544. (MN) Minneapolis, Art’s Tap Room, good for 35c in trade, AL.

1545. Caille Quality Mints 5c, good for 5c roll mints, BR, c.h.

1546. Paces Races, man on horse, good for one race, Ni.

1547. A. Harileb yeast (incused) 2 1/2, BR, OCTA, uniface, holed at edge.

1548. Gus Grafeman, good for 5c with bottle, BR, OCTA.

1549. Co-Operative Delivery Service, 332 Winston St., good for one delivery, BR.

1550. Good for 8 Frank Hoyt, AL, and Fulton Clothier, Blow your tires up free, BR, dark rev.

1551. MO, Joplin, J.F. Keller, 1 1/4 yards, AL, OCTA, worn.

1552. Good for 1 tune, bimetal amusement, star in center.

1553. AZ, Phoenix, Squaw Peak Lawn Service, good for 1 lb. grass seed, BR.

1554. SD, Huron, Service Shoe Shop, 1 free shine, AL.

1555. P.B. Shower Bath, ctst number, BR, rev. blank.

1556. Eastwood & Johnson, Forum & Rialto, good for one shave, AL, c.h.

1557. W.E. Maxwell, good for one shine, uniface, lead copy?

1558. Lee Hamilton, good for one manicure, AL.

1559. Sherman’s Shoe Repair 48 Main St., good for 1 shine, BR, H.A.M.

1560. H.C. Gillean Shine (incused) good for 1, Koken maker rev., BR.

1561. (WA) Seattle, Morris 101 S. 1st Ave., good for one 5c shine, AL, SQ.

1562. H.F. Spaulding good for one shave, all incused, uniface, BR.

1563. As last, but good for One Hair Cut.

1564. W.W. King good for one barrel water, black on yellow cardboard, RECT.

1565. Manuel Morales, good for one tamale, National Billiard Mfg. Co. rev., Ni, OCTA, worn.

1566. John Drott, good for one load sand, BR, uniface, all incused, very dark.

1567. Indian chief pictured within horseshoe, good for one free play, copper.

1568. OH, Cincinnati, Penn-Maryland Corporation, good for 1 barrel slop, BR.

1569. As last, but 5 barrels.

1570. P.L., good for one b’ll slop, copper, small ctst obv.

1571. MI, Grand Rapids, Foster & Parry, wood stove pictured; dealers in stoves, etc., lock pictured, BZ, VF-XF, listed in Miller.

1572. Malibu Money, Malibu Grand Prix, 2 diff. BR amusement tokens.

1573. Dairy Queen, free sundae or 40c, two diff. obverses, AL.


1574. "G" tokens, with monograms like G.H.D. or plainer; this lot 8 diff., half very early, c. 1870-1900, including one for The Brunswick.

1575. Five diff. early H tokens, two in Ni.

1576. Six diff. nice Br Hs.

1577. H.T. and H.N.S., AL tokens.

1578. I.R.U. and I.O.Y.B.C., with "keystone" rev., both early.

1579. Five diff. "J" tokens plus one lead, rest in AL.

1580. Seven diff. early BR "J" tokens

1581. Eight diff. not so early BR "J" tokens.

1582. J.M., 5c, Ni, SQ cutout.

1583. Katz Million Dollar Sale, 25c, AL, same rev.; 63mm diameter!

1584. Five diff. early BR "K" tokens and an undistinguished fiber piece.

1585. Two nice old BR "L" tokens and a corroded AL piece.

1586. Two diff. more modern Ls.

1587. L.M., 2 1/2, small, early Ni token.

1588. M B, 25, very ornate, early, Ni.

1589. Three diff. "M" tokens.

1590. M.J.C., 523, AL.

1591. N & B, bell shape, and N.E.L.A., 1919, both AL.

1592. N.L.B.T.C.L. Estate Shop, AL, grubby, and N.P., 5c drink, BR, two early pieces.

1593. O.L., 5 in ring of stars, BR.

1594. Four diff. P tokens.

1595. P. & E., running horse, 5c, Ni, c.h.

1596. P.E.M.M.E., 5, early BR.

1597. Seven assorted R tokens, all BR.

1598. Four diff. AL "P" tokens.

1599. Three early S or T tokens, BR.

1600. Two diff. early "S" tokens, Ni

1601. Three diff. early 20th century "T" tokens, Ni.

1602. Four diff. S or T tokens, Br.

1603. URA, eagle? dove? uniface, BR.

1604. V, 5 in wreath, AL.

1605. Two early NI "W" tokens.

1606. Seven diff. early and 1950-ish BR tokens, plus 2 dupes.


1607. Rice & Byers, sutler; Schenkman NL U100b, R9 (Cunningham OK530f); Br, VF, with old, light bruise obv., some letters damaged; est. $300.

1608. FL, Jax., Good for mineral water of River View/ Camp Joseph H. Johnston, good for 2 1/2c in trade, AL, VF; FL280, cat $150.

1609. HI, Hickam AFB, six diff., including two diff. 10c, all BR.

1610. As last, a duplicate lot.

1611. IL, Quincy, Soldier’s Home Store, 25c, AL.

1612. KS, Ft. Riley, N.C.O. Open Mess, 5c, BR.

1613. (MI) Detroit, Reunion 32nd Div, 1932, French rev., Ni, OCTA.

1614. MS, Columbus, 5c to $1, three diff. $1, all plastic, seven diff.

1615. As last, a duplicate lot.

1616. Lot of extras, as last: 1 $1 red, small print, 3 $1 black, 3 25c green, 3 10c red, 3 10c blue, and 3 5c black, 16 pcs.

1617. As last, brass set, 5c to $1, five diff.; includes a heretofore unlisted dollar piece: new one has "N" of NCO to "C" of CAFB distance = 4mm.

1618. As last, short set of four diff.

1619. As last, set of three, 10c, 25c and $1.

1620. As last, extras: 2 $1, 1 25c and 1 10c.

1621. NM, Cannon AFB, NCO Open Mess, 50c, AL.

1622. NM, Cannon AFB, Rockers Roost, AL, four diff.

1623. As last, extras: one 5c, three 10c and one 25c.

1624. NM, Sandia, Kiva Club, NCO Open Mess, $1, AL.

1625. (WI) Camp Williams, Post Exchange, 10c, Al, OCTA.

1626. G.I. Yank, American Legion Post, Bloomington & Lake, 10c, AL, ex-Fuld.

1627. Misc. lot: Flamingo Club, Pledge Campaign 1918 (grubby) and PA&E Hotel.


1628. AK190C, Russian River Ferry.

1629. IL250L+M+N, 40c, 60c and 75c bridge tokens.

1630. IA600A, early electric streetcar.

1631. MI5M, Lenawee Co. bus.

1632. D & M ctst on lead disc; identified? as Detroit and Mackinac RR.

1633. MI225L-M-N series, delisted; the white and blue specimens.

1634. MI370B, Grand Rapids RW.

1635. MI390B, Greenville plastic.

1636. MI470C+D, City of Houghton.

1637. MI525G, Michigan Electric.

1638. MI770B, Pontiac, lotsa green.

1639. As last, nice specimen.

1640. MI885C, International.

1641. As last, a duplicate.

1642. NE540P, Lincoln pictured.

1643. PA405A, The Gettysburg Electric Ry. Co.; very tough piece but this one is extremely ugly! worn and dark, cat. value of $35 would be a strong bid.

1644. TN430L, Knoxville Power & Light.

1645. TN690J, Southern Coach.

1646. DC500AE, Dept. of State.

1647. Timetable M, Graham and Morton, nice piece, XF, tiny spot obv. ($20-30).

1648. Timetable O, variety of last, VF-XF, small spot rev.

1649. Delete lot.

1650. HI540C, Pearl Harbor, stains.

1651. DC500G, Ia, Ib, 997A and B; nice lot!

1652. TT quantity lot: 29 pieces, several dues; includes Druid, Cairo, Sheboygan and two parking tokens.

1653. Silver coin lot: three Canadian quarters and two U.S. dimes.


1654. Odds and ends: miniature coin, modern elongates, die splashes and so on, 24 pcs.

1655. (MI) Detroit, J.L. Hudson, charge coin, VF, BZ, OVAL.

1656. As last, an XF specimen.

1657. Grover Cleveland, Cracker Jack coin, AL.

1658. IN? Schools of Marion Co., Thrift Army Corporal, red, white and blue celluloid pinback.

1659. Seven blank or uniface, denomination-only, BR tokens.

1660. Mrs. Clara M. Richards, woman pictured, celluloid badge, attached to ratty ribbon: Michigan’s Choice for Supreme Manager.

1661. Two diff. porno or naughty tokens.

1662. Odd lot of five: worn communion, 2 Man in Space, Agora commercial and 2 1/2c political.

1663. A.H. engraved in field of 1913 five mark German coin, VF-XF.

1664. H.G. Curtiss 10c and small eagle stamped on otherwise blank, denticles present both sides, punch marks rev.

1665. NV, Las Vegas, Club Bingo, bingo board pictured, good for 10c in bingo games, BZ.

1666. As last, but part red UNC.

1667. Three diff. promotional or play tokens from Las Vegas or Reno.

1668. Two Ni, dollar good for tokens with no obverses! (samples)

1669. KKK? Radiant cross sticking through a crown, Lord’s Prayer rev., BZ, pierced at edge.

1670. (CA) 101 Ranch Store, 10c, bronco rider rev., BR.

1671. Brunswick Balke, table rev.: bent up and ugly, illegible.

1672. WA, Wenatchee, Riverside Lodge No. 112, Masonic, gilt.

1673. Small medallion picturing two women together, sun at left, overlooking a dead, feet-up, crow, with chains on legs! silverish, loop.

1674. Eight diff. soap and toothpaste tokens, including Ivory, Colgate and Camay, AL.

1675. Lumber: (WA, Port Angeles) P.S. Mill & Timber Co., 1917, $1, bimetal, R5, VF, dark obv.

1676. Frank Paxton Lumber CO., tree pictured, several cities listed rev., BZ, loop.

1677. KY, Path Fork, Bringardner Lumber, 10c, R8; badly worn, some legend illegible.

1678. Indiana chauffeur badge, 1937, Ni, with clasp.

1679. As last, 1934.

1680. As last, 1936.

1681. As last, 1934, a second.

1682. As last, 1936.

1683. As last, 1936, clasp missing, dark.

1684. Red fiber token: 17 W. Lake St., 5c in drinks.

1685. Two bimetal amusement tokens plus a worn smooth bimetal.

1686. NE, Omaha, Hickey Brothers Store No. 89, Rome Hotel, 25c, AL.

1687. As last, $1, AL.

1688. As last, but Store 90, Hotel Fontenelle, 5c, Al, OCTA.

1689. As last, $1.

1690. Lot of 30 diff. good fors and mavericks.

1691. GA, Camp Stewart, Post Exchange, 5c, Br, Cunningham GA570; stain obv., with tokens from Vietnam, Wis. Natl. Guard, Wright-Patterson and Morocco, 5 pcs.


1692. (CO, Canon City) B.G. Woodford, good for two cents, green, RD, minor dirt.

1693. As last, 50 cents, dark blue, UNC.

1694. (Chicago?) "L" Tavern booklet, The Aragon Ballroom is opposite us, $1 book with 1 page of 10c pops tickets intact; c. WWII.

1695. IL, Centralia, Block Pool Hall 124 N. Chestnut St., 2 1/1c, blue, SQ, VF.

1696. IL, Cisne, W.H. Barth, The Square Deal Store, 5c to 50c, RD, $1 is very nice, others are worn badly.

1697. As last, 10c, $1 and $5; $5 is nice, others worn or notched.

1698. IL, Gifford, Good for 5c in trade Harry’s Pool Hall, RECT, peach, XF.

1699. As last, similar, 5c, pink, AU (don’t you love to see coin grades on paper?!).

1700. IL, Gifford, Good for 5c in trade Matt’s Pool & Lunch Room, orange and yellow 5c and yellow 25c; all three VF-XF.

1701. As last, 5c orange, some water staining, and 25c, bent once, XF otherwise.

1702. As last, the 25c, bent gently.

1703. IL, Henry, Little Buffalo, good for 5 cents in trade, pink, and 10, light green, VF.

1704. (IL) Martinsville 1/2c in trade, RD, orange and blue, both VF-XF.

1705. (IL, Palatine) good for 5c at the bar August 31, 1901, white, RECT, near mint.

1706. As last, a duplicate.

1707. IN, Ft. Wayne, William Miller, good for 5c on return of bottle, 2213 Spy Run Ave. (located several blocks from the auctioneer’s high school!); RECT tickets from strips, orange, white and green, 3 pcs.

1708. As last, a duplicate lot.

1709. IA, Minden, The H.J. Hesley Bar, good for 12 1/2 in trade, orange, RECT, worn and beat up.

1710. MI, Parma (near Jackson) Parma Recreation, 10c, red, UNC.

1711. As last, 2 pcs.

1712. (MO, Gebler) (ghost town near Hermann) Gustav Feil & Son, Hermann, MO, on tokens; sold by Geo. D. Barnard & Co., St. Louis, 5, pink, average.

1713. (MO, Monett) Ernest Krehmeier, one quart, six quarts, one crate; three colors, RECT, plus six quarts and one crate from Ernest & John Krehmier (note spelling); average condition, 5 pcs, some wear, one bent.

1714. (MT?) Silver Bow Club, good for one credit at the bar, RD, water damaged, barely legible.

1715. OK, Tucker, G.C. Gamble 1-2 bu., blue, RD, well worn.

1716. As last, stamped 10c rev., some wear.

1717. WA, Seattle, Spring Cigar Co., good for one 12 1/2 cent cigar, Charles the Great our finest clear Havana cigars, pink, RECT, XF.

1718. WA, Spokane, Porteguese Cigar Co., 25c, yellow, and $1, red, printed on plastic; RECT, VF, Garcia y Vega the bonded Havana cigar.

1719. WI, Monroe, Recreation Club Mdse. Credit, yellow, RECT, VF.

1720. As last, lot of two.

1721. WI, Oshkosh, The "President" Tavern good for 5c in trade, yellow, RECT, VF, overprinting from Annex Tavern, Oshkosh.

1722. As last, no overprint, something pealed off back.

1723. WI, Oshkosh, Le Roy’s Bar, good for 5c in trade, yellow, RECT, XF.

1724. WI, Oshkosh, Buddy’s Inn Polish Corners, good for 50c in trade, green, RECT, bent but decent.

1725.(WI) Cross’s Racine’s Big Store, 5 to $1, with 25c variety, RECT, 6 pcs, average F.

1726. As last, 10, 25, 50, $1; $1 has broken corner, rest average F.

1727. W.P. Bunn, good for 1 quart berries, blue, 3 quarts, red, and six quarts, wh, RD, VF-XF.

1728. Gus and Eddie Bodart, 15c in trade and 25c, wh, RECT; 25c has bent corner, tiny ink stain, otherwise VF-XF.

1729. Joseph Brand, good for picking one box hops, blue, RECT, bent and beat.

1730. Cass Opera House, gallery admit one, 25, yellow, RECT, 48x89mm, XF, punch cancel.

1731. H.L. Deal, good for one quart milk, RD, orange, XF.

1732. (IA, Minden) H.J. Hesly, good for 2 1/2 cents in trade, yellow, RECT, bent and dirty, VF otherwise.

1733. Swenson’s Confect’nery, good for 5 cents 5c in trade, yellow, RECT, AU except for stain on rev.

1734. The Wimodaughsis, good for one glass soda water, glass pictured, RECT, white, 18x51mm, UNC, looks like tear off ticket.

1735. United Cigar Stores Company, various good for coupons from business; seven diff. nice notes, including one pallindrome!

1736. Similar to last, six different.

1737. As last, duplicates, 13 in all, four diff., leftovers, some folded or torn.

1738. SC, Miley, Lightsey Brothers, scrip books: unused and crisp, five diff., $1, $1.50, $3, $3.50 and $5, 1 cent to 25 cents tickets.

1739. As last, a duplicate lot.


1740. AL631A1, R; Coleanor, not CTST!

1741. IL, Grainville, A.A. Alexander, AL set of 5, 5c to $1, nice set.

1742. As last,set of five but nor quite as nice.

1743. As last, set of four, missing 50c; $1 bruised on one edge.

1744. As last, extras, 7 pcs, 2c to 25c.

1745. IL, W. Frankfort, IL2989A10-A100, all R3, BR, 4 pcs.

1746. KY, Anchor, Anchor Coal Co., KY87A5, R7, XF with some spots of green obv.

1747. As last, 87A25, R7, some verdigris both sides.

1748. Harlan Collieries Co., KY385A5, R6, VG.

1749. KY, Field, KY1013B10, R4, Kentucky Ridge Coal.

1750. KY, Fonde, KY1041C1a, R4, Clear Fork Coal.

1751. As last, KY1041C1b, R4.

1752. As last, a duplicate.

1753. KY, Jenkins, KY1441D1a, R4, Consolidation Coal.

1754. As last, 1441D1d, R5, discolored fiber.

1755. As last, similar to 1441F, 1c, unlisted.

1756. MO, Ex. Spgs., Fairplay Coal & Dev. Co., Phone 191; good for 5 gal. gasoline, AL.

1757. PA, Madera, Madera Trading Co., PA1733C100A, R7, bimetal.

1758. As last, PA1733C100B, R6, three pcs.

1759. As last, PA1733C500, R6, $5, 2 pcs, VF and XF.

1760. WA 2813, W.U.C.Co., $5, minor staining.

1761. WV, Amherstdale, Guyan Eagle Stores, WV81U10, R5, worn.

1762. WV, Carbon, Carbon Fuel, WV469B500.

1763. WV, Cascade, Preston County Supply Co., WV503B1, R6.

1764. WV, Coalwood, Olga Coal Co., WV619G10, R5, spot obv.

1765. As last, WV619G50, R8, some verdigris obv.

1766. WV, Crane Creek, American Coal, WV690B25, R5.

1767. WV, Eunice, Princess Dorothy Coal, WV969, R4.

1768. WV, Hemphill, Kingston-Pocahontas, 1293D1(R3) or E1 (R7)?

1769. WV, Holden (sic) Island Creek Stores, WV1341G1, R7.

1770. WV, Kayford, Cabin Creek Consolidated, WV1477F1, R4.

1771. WV, Kilsyth, New River Co., as WV1515D5 but unpunched; unlisted?

1772. WV, Mallory, Clean Eagle Coal, $5, WV1759G500, R5.

1773. WV, Otsego, Brule Smokeles Coal, WV2145G25, R4.

1774. WV, Red Star, Star Coal & Coke, WV2375D5, R4.

1775. As last, 2375D10, R5.

1776. As last, 2375D25, R8.

1777. As last, 2375D50, R8.

1778. As last, 2375D100, R8.

1779. WV, Rivesville, Va. & Pittsburgh, WV2415I1, R9; unlisted, 1 star, no dot.

1780. As last, 2415J1, R4.

1781. WV, Robson, Mary Frances Coal, nice set of five.

1782. As last, double set, some problems.

1783. WV, Woodbay, Pemberton Coal & Coke, WV3085A5, R7.

1784. Collection of 32 pcs, variety of states and companies, all R1-3, some duplication.

1785. Unsold lots, in quantity of 100 lots. If you would like to bid on two lots, bid twice, etc. No minimum.